Enjoy quiet tranquillity while others swim with music…

23 August 2019

Incorporate music into the lagoon-blue water of your pool, while maintaining the golden silence of your outdoor space. Thanks to the latest pool accessories and the advantages of the bioclimatic pergola, everybody can find their happy place. Now you can combine the pleasure of music and swimming, without disturbing those around you!

pergola adossée

How do you create a dream atmosphere?

The outdoor area is tailored to your own tastes and desires. Pool, terrace, pergola: everything has been designed for maximum enjoyment, whether relaxing or playing in the water. It is not always possible, however, to please everybody at once. Some want to swim with music playing, others prefer some peace and quiet beneath the pergola. A compromise is required... The latest trend in accessories enables music to be contained within the pool while preserving the tranquil ambience outside the water. Ideal for creating a dream atmosphere in your outdoor space!

pergola avec store

And take full advantage of the tranquillity of your pergola

As a place to enjoy meals or a little light refreshment, and as a haven of relaxation, the pergola should be synonymous with peace and quiet. Isolated from the music, which is now reserved for the pool, you can fully appreciate the gentle, convivial pace of life it affords. The bioclimatic pergola is the perfect way to create a hub of relaxation. Custom made to your design, it will become a truly special outdoor space. Its many attributes will guarantee you unique, timeless moments. With retractable slats, the bioclimatic pergola gives you complete control over the sunshine and ensures optimal natural ventilation. The bioclimatic, retractable and connected e-MOTION pergola creates a bubble for you to enjoy. You can control it and adjust the settings to your needs from your smartphone or tablet. Have you incorporated music into your pool with an innovative and stylish accessory? Your bioclimatic pergola is sure to add the perfect final touch to the dream atmosphere in your outdoor space…

Incorporate music into your pool

Innovative accessories have been designed to meet the very latest needs. With floating speakers, you can now enjoy the pleasures of bathing and relaxing in the pool while listening to your favourite tracks. The ideal companion for more or less rhythmical moments in the water, depending on your musical tastes, this accessory brings music right into your pool. And best of all? You won't disturb those in search of calm at the pergola and terrace. A solution sure to be appreciated by all!

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