Enjoy your spa all year round with a bioclimatic pergola

16 May 2022

A hot tub is usually installed outdoors, which is very convenient when the weather is nice and warm. However, when the weather is bad and the cold sets in, it is more complicated to use your outdoor spa.

Are you looking for a solution to enjoy your hot tub all year round, despite the bad weather? The bioclimatic pergola is the protection that will delight you!

The benefits of protecting your hot tub with a bioclimatic pergola

There are many advantages to protecting your outdoor hot tub whether you use it in summer or winter.

Enjoy your hot tub all year round
The first advantage is that you can enjoy it all year round regardless of the weather outside. You can extend your relaxation sessions!

● During your summer relaxation sessions, you will be able to protect yourself from the high temperatures which are not pleasant and which can limit the use of your spa, as well as the sun which can be uncomfortable. With the installation of a Biossun bioclimatic pergola, you can ensure long moments of relaxation at home.

● In winter, thanks to a pergola equipped with blinds or glass walls, you will be protected from the cold and bad weather that could spoil your moment. Choose the enclosure solution best suited to your needs and enjoy your spa in any season, whether it's raining, windy or snowing. While the main purpose of your enclosures is to protect your relaxation area, they also help to retain the heat inside your pergola. This means that there is no risk of catching a cold when you leave your spa, even in winter. The materials used to enclose your pergola are of the same quality as those used for your bioclimatic pergola, ensuring that it is robust and easy to maintain.

A bioclimatic pergola will help you protect your spa and its performance

● A pergola will protect your spa from bad weather like rain, wind or snow, but also from the sun's rays.
● Not least, the installation of a pergola will allow you to keep the water clean for longer and therefore clean your spa less often, saving you money for your wallet as well as the planet. Indeed, installed under your pergola in a well-defined space, your spa is less exposed to the dirt in the air. Leaves from trees, dust and small insects are less likely to get into the water of your spa. Also remember to keep the terrace under your pergola neat and tidy to make it easier to clean the outside after your session.

Our pergolas for outdoor spas and jacuzzis

Biossun bioclimatic pergolas made of aluminium are equipped with adjustable slats that regulate the temperature naturally and their rain and wind sensor works automatically to offer you a moment of peace and quiet in your spa.

An ideal solution, the bioclimatic pergola creates a customised and totally personalised covered space for your jacuzzi, with the aim of blending perfectly into its environment and preserving your privacy.

If you choose an enclosed bioclimatic pergola, you will be able to enjoy your hot tub area for longer, but more importantly, you will be able to space out cleaning time due to external elements such as insects or leaves. This will save you time and will result in less treated water.

Designing your pergola for a relaxing moment

Nothing should be left to chance when designing a cocooning space.

Do you have a large space and would you like a relaxation area worthy of the magazines? Take advantage of your pergola to create a space entirely dedicated to well-being. Install your jacuzzi in a corner so that you can put deckchairs or a small garden lounge to enjoy a moment of cocooning. Turn it into a real extension of your home by adding a comfortable sofa, a few cushions and some decorative elements. In a few minutes your bioclimatic pergola becomes one of the most pleasant and stylish rooms in your home.

In order to prolong your moments in the spa, use the LEDs to be incorporated in your bioclimatic pergola. The leds can be of different colours to offer different atmospheres. Use plants to add a touch of greenery and to blend in with your garden. Don't hesitate to choose climbing plants to decorate your pergola and give it a touch of nature that will go perfectly with your relaxation area.

To follow up your spa session and add a touch of conviviality to your space, consider adding footstools and floor cushions around a coffee table. This way you can enjoy your pergola even longer while sipping your favourite drink, alone, with friends or family.

Do you have a project for a spa area and would you like to be contacted? Tell us about your project here.

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