The pergola and bioclimatic architecture

5 April 2022

The bioclimatic concept is an approach that aims to design homes that best adapt to their environment, taking advantage of local conditions. The objective is to acquire an ambient comfort in a natural way by using the architecture as well as the external energies.

Temperature control

As previously mentioned, bioclimatic architecture aims to get the best out of the solar energy which is abundant and free to save energy.
In summer, it is important to protect oneself from the sun's rays and to expel excess heat. In winter, it is essential to capture as much solar energy as possible in order to keep it inside the house, but especially to diffuse it.

All activities in bioclimatic architecture are carried out with the primary goal of keeping a thermal balance between each room by diffusing or removing heat.

It is also essential to know that the color of materials is important in this type of architecture. Indeed, the dark colors are the most appropriate to convert light into heat and diffuse it, while in the light colors will have the purpose of reflecting it.

Definition of bioclimatic architecture

Bioclimatic architecture makes it possible to save a lot of energy by reducing heating and air conditioning expenses while enjoying a pleasant living environment.
The goal of this architecture is really to optimize the comfort you will have in your property by preserving and taking into account your environment. In this sense, attention is paid to the orientation of the house to exploit the natural light, the type of land as well as the materials used.
3 axes are worked on for a bioclimatic design :
- Capture and protect yourself from the heat
- Transform and diffuse heat
- Keeping warm and cool

Pergola, the ally of bioclimatic architecture

The pergola has become a real ally to enjoy in its exterior in fullness.
Having a bioclimatic pergola will offer you energy savings especially if it is attached to your house.
In addition to having an outdoor space that is accessible all year round despite the weather, you will have a welcoming space that is in total harmony with your home and the environment in which you live.

What materials are used in our bioclimatic pergolas?

At Biossun, we deploy solutions around the terrace by designing bioclimatic pergolas 100% French and eco-designed.
It is with this in mind that we use 98% primary aluminum, a totally recyclable material
Aluminum is a high-end material that offers an excellent lifespan to Biossun Pergolas as well as a sober and modern design. Discover the other advantages:
- Very light material
- Very resistant to heavy weather
- High performance thermal conductor
- Integrates with any type of architecture
- Wide choice of colors and finishes

Glass can also be used in the design of Biossun bioclimatic pergolas, in order to close them and to be able to enjoy them all year long and whatever the weather outside. Glass is very resistant to strong gusts of wind and will not be damaged by weather or climate..
In addition, it promotes thermoregulation especially when the pergola is closed.

At Biossun, we have at heart to create custom-made pergolas so that it is the closest to your project and your desires thanks to our many choices of finish and color.
As soon as your bioclimatic pergola is installed, all you have to do is arrange it and decorate it as you wish.

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