Video interview : feedback from the instagrammer Amélie

11 March 2021

Amélie describes herself as a woman like any other, with the desire to share the experiences of her life. On her Instagram "amelidailylife*" account, she shares home & decoration tips, cooking recipes and good addresses found during her travels.
This beautiful Instagram adventure began during the construction of her beautiful house. She shares with us her experience following the installation of a Biossun pergola on her terrace. A way to discover what Biossun can bring to its customers ...

The installation of the Biossun bioclimatic pergola

This outdoor development project was born from the fact that the terrace area closest to the house was very little used. Amélie asked to Biossun to create a living space adapted to the needs of her family.
She chose a bioclimatic pergola with a design and colors that perfectly matches the house, the pool and the garden. The instagrameuse reveals that Biossun's professionalism was felt throughout the project: "The installation was very quick. I was pleasantly surprised by the work done by the people who were present. "A very methodical and impressive organization gave birth to a new outdoor space, warm and friendly.
The simple umbrellas were replaced by the bioclimatic pergola with adjustable and retractable slats and a blind for even more comfort.

A result that lives up to her expectations

Leaning against its beautiful house and adjacent to the pool, the pergola enhances the outdoor environment. The harmony is perfect, as much by the color as by the design of the bioclimatic pergola.
Amélie tells us that the terrace area concerned, which had been neglected until now, has become a cosy and cocooning place where it is good to share meals and moments of relaxation. It has also become a playground for children. The control of light and shade allows to enjoy this outdoor space all day long, from sunrise to sunset, even at the hottest hours.
Biossun is proud to have brought complete satisfaction to Amélie and her family, for whom life outside the house is now seen in a different light!

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