Which Biossun accessories should you choose to complete your pergola?

8 March 2021

Ensure your outdoor space is one that's been tailored with comfort and design in mind!
At Biossun, our accessories are designed to enhance your pergola and to ensure the comfort of those who use it. Biossun equipment may be adapted to suit your wants and needs! Thanks to accessories that are built to offer comfort and are easy-to-use, your bioclimatic pergola takes advantage of new technology.
That little slice of heaven that you've set up on your terrace, that houses your spa, serves as a winter outdoor living space or enhances your pool, takes on a whole new dimension. From its lighting, to its closing system and even its control system, Biossun accessories undeniably enhances your pergola through design, elegance and practicality.

1. ZIPSUN® screens

Just like the adjustable slats of your bioclimatic pergola, the ZIPSUN® screen allows for perfect control over both the penetrating rays of the sun and bad weather. With the vertical lowering of the screens, its transparent design offers clear visibility of the exterior all while preserving the natural light.
Available in 33 colours, ZIPSUN® screens are made from high-quality canvases and equipped with an anti-fold system. No matter the season, the weather, or the time of day, you will enjoy a number of advantages from this accessory as it is robust in nature, easy to maintain, equipped with an obstacle sensor, has exceptional finishing, and is highly resistant to bad weather.
With a ZIPSUN® screen for your Biossun pergola, draughts and glares will become a thing of the past!

2. Rain sensor

When dealing with unexpected weather, the rain sensor takes centre stage. It detects water droplets through a sensitive surface which triggers the automatic closing of the slats of your bioclimatic pergola. The sensitivity of the detection surface can be configured according to the environment in which your pergola is installed.
This accessory is equipped with an automatic activation system for sensor heating, which allows for the evaporation of water droplets from the surface and prevents the formation of frost.

3. Anemometer

This Biossun accessory is designed to automatically open the slats of your bioclimatic pergola in the event of strong winds. The wind sensor can be set from 50 km/h.

4. RGB or white LED strip lighting

Select the lighting atmosphere that suits you best and which is aligned to your current desires! Biossun designed this lighting solution to highlight the clean lines of your bioclimatic pergola. RGB LED strips available in 8 colours or a white LED strip are used to cover and enhance your little slice of heaven.
And for lighting that is sure to please, the brightness and colour can be managed through Biossun's remote-control or via the My Biossun app.

5. Lestage planter

A rigorous design is incorporated into this accessory which adds stability to your pergola, especially if it wasn't fixed in the ground. The lestage planter, which is the same colour as your pergola, is fixed to the posts of the structure. The planter fixing helps to create the desired atmosphere through the plants and flowers which can be added.

6. Sun visor

This elegant privacy screen brings comfort and intimacy to your outdoor space. The sun visor is made from primary lacquered aluminium, thermolacquered under the Qualicoat label, in the colour of the structure of your pergola. It's perfectly in sync!
You have control over the sunlight that enters the space; the setting sun is less harsh; and privacy is optimised.

7. Posts with built-in sockets

Your bioclimatic pergola is a place to enjoy all the little pleasures of life! The built-in electrical socket system installed on one of the posts of your pergola gives you the chance to add 230V to your outdoor space. Cell phones, audiovisual and sound systems, electric griddles, etc., with this Biossun accessory every moment becomes even more brilliant and enjoyable!

8. Biossun control panel and the My Biossun App

Biossun is innovating and simplifying the use of the bioclimatic pergola through its dedicated control panel and application.
Via a smartphone or tablet, the My Biossun control panel allows you to activate and configure the functions of your pergola. It also gives you the possibility to control brightness, the automatic or manual powering on/off of systems, and to create scenarios which you can then choose at any time from the My Biossun app.
This control panel allows one or several users to control all the automated systems, from anywhere using the control system.
My Biossun is an ideal tool for restaurant owners as well as hoteliers, with their staff being able to use it from anywhere inside the establishment.

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