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Our vision

We have boldly and joyfully been reinventing the art of outdoor living since 2009. Biossun, where our values drive us to innovate and surpass ourselves each and every day, where the boundaries between inside and out melt away, in order to imagine a new, natural space of freedom: yours.

The ultimate bioclimatic patio cover

"Since 2009, the ingenuity of Biossun patio covers lies in the principle of bioclimatic architecture, which allows for the perfect balance between the comfort of occupants and the weather conditions to be found. By making the most of the sun’s rays and the natural circulation of air, everyone's needs for heat and ventilation are better controlled. Whether they are flat-bottomed or S-shaped, the motorised, adjustable slats are positioned at 175°, the optimal degree to control the infiltration of light and natural ventilation.
In all types of weather, Biossun aluminium bioclimatic patio covers are custom-made and can be personalised, inviting you to enjoy a relaxed lifestyle as you stay out on your patio for longer periods of time.

Nothing is left to chance in transforming each Biossun bioclimatic patio cover into an unforgettable moment of life.

Our vision

Pushing the boundaries

Whether the weather is rainy, windy or variable, Biossun bioclimatic structures allow you to make the most of your patio for longer periods of time. This unique, pioneering shelter concept naturally regulates the temperature of your patio and home, while also protecting you from inclement weather and the sun. Swivel a single slat, several slats or all of the slats together according to personal preference and depending on whether you are looking for full sun (for sunbathing) or shade for patio enjoyment. In a closed position, Biossun bioclimatic covers effectively protect its occupants from the elements owing to a rain sensor that triggers automatic closure of the slats. Rainwater drainage is also handled effortlessly.
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Our vision

Enter a more respectful world

Biossun currently deploys its solutions based on the bioclimatic terrace concept, designing 100% French and 100% eco-designed shelters and installations. In line with this eco-citizen approach, Biossun bioclimatic terraces are made of a 98% primary aluminium alloy, a completely recyclable material. An ecological solution that aligns with the construction of buildings with high environmental quality (HQE) and low-energy consumption (BBC).
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Our vision

Blend in with nature, ensuring total peace of mind...

Certified with the Origine France Garantie label (certificate no. 6028275), a unique certification that certifies products of French Origin, Biossun’s bioclimatic patio covers are entirely designed and manufactured in France, specifically in Isère in Sassenage, at a production site extending over more 
than 6,000 m2.

- To test the toughness of its frames, Biossun submits them to testing in everyday and extreme weather conditions at the Scientific and Technical Centre for Building (CSTB).
They have been tested and proven to withstand very high winds and able to drain heavy rainfall (drainage up to 130mm/h) to severe rainfall (130mm/h), in addition to withstanding the impact of extreme dust and sand storms.

Certifications: EN-CAPE 12.208 / EN-CAPE 12.209 & EN-CAPE 13.131 C-V0 - Each of our bioclimatic covers is aligned with the following standards: 
QUALICOAT : guarantees the quality of the thermo-lacquering of the aluminium parts through ongoing quality control. 
QUALIMARINE: certification guaranteeing the powder-coated layer's ability to withstand damage caused by alkaline and acidic corrosion.

From the design to the manufacture and installation of Biossun bioclimatic patio covers, we have the same requirement: to satisfy you and support you over time:
10-year warranty*: colorimetry 
5-year warranty**: motorised and electronic 
2-year warranty*: lighting 
10-year installer’s warranty*.

*Under normal conditions of use.
**3-year warranty - allowing you to benefit from a 5-year warranty (2 years offered by Biossun at no extra cost). Visit the client area on biossun.com/activate your warranty.
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Biossun Origine France Garantie ORIGINE FRANCE GARANTIE
(Guaranteed of French Origin)
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