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Our experts are here to assist you

Since 2009, more than 800 hotel and restaurant professionals have chosen Biossun Hospitality to support them with their terrace cover plans. A unique service dedicated to professionals at national and regional level, to offer the very best of comfort and well-being to all of your clients and guests.

Driven by a strong culture of innovation and commitment, we have created the dedicated Biossun Hospitality service to assist establishments hosting members of the public in developing the art of outdoor living to meet the professional standards they strive to attain. Far beyond being just an amenity, Biossun bioclimatic terrace covers allow terrace spaces to be optimised throughout the year, while also adding to the enjoyment and comfort of all clients and guests.


Step 1

Define your project

Whatever the outdoor space you want to equip (restaurant, bar, lounge area, pool or spa area, breakfast area or hotel reception area), whatever your aim (to accommodate more customers, increase the average bill or number of services), Biossun Hospitality, available at regional and national level, establishes specifications in line with your needs, offering you a customised outdoor layout.
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Step 2

Crystallise the project you have in mind

The technical nature and aesthetic appeal of Biossun products combined with manufacturing expertise allow you to increase the size of your operating area and prolong the use of your terrace, which in turn allows you to leverage increased consumption levels not only physically in space, but also in time. Biossun Hospitality works with you on studying the feasibility of your envisioned project and recommends the facilities and equipment necessary for the growth of your business.
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Step 3

Visualise and finalise your project

A bioclimatic cover is the perfect backdrop to a dish served to perfection. It’s all a matter of finding the perfect balance between design, know-how, aesthetics and accessibility. To this end, site plans and 3D integrations are included in this third step. Customisation happens not only in the realisation phase but also in terms of the service provided. In fact, the strength of Biossun Hospitality lies in its network of experts located throughout France. This close business relationship ensures responsiveness on work sites and optimised follow-through. Finally, the experience gained working with hotel and restaurant industry professionals has allowed us to conceptualise totally original solutions adapted to their specific business activities. Biossun is able to offer each establishment the acquisition of a bioclimatic terrace cover as a “Rental with Option to Purchase”.
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Step 4

Make the most of your new outdoor living space

We will support you with all the administrative and legal processes to ensure the success of your project. Once equipped, all the owners and directors of establishments agree in recognising that their customers, comfortably seated, draw out the meals they are enjoying, thus increasing the average bill. One needs to admit that comfort is a consumption lever with a direct impact on your turnover, which allows you to benefit from a quick return on investment and a less seasonal turnover.
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If you have a project in mind, Biossun is there to see it through with you.

Enhance the terrace of your restaurant or hotel, by discovering the many different options Biossun offers, and by configuring the Biossun terrace cover to suit your needs.
Bio One

Chères clientes, chers clients, chers partenaires, chers collaborateurs,

Face à cette situation inédite, notre souci premier a été de veiller à la santé de nos collaborateurs, de leurs familles ainsi qu'à la santé de nos partenaires. Voilà pourquoi, nous avons pris la décision de mettre au ralenti nos services. Si d'un point de vue économique cette décision a été difficile à prendre, elle reste pour nous la seule ligne de conduite possible afin d'assurer la sécurité de nos équipes.

Durant cette période, nous mettons tout en oeuvre pour continuer à accompagner au mieux nos clients sur les projets déjà engagés ou à venir. Dans cette optique, notre Service Projet reste mobilisé via notre site internet (www.biossun.com/fr/contactez-nous) ou à l'adresse suivante : accueil@biossun.com

Chez Biossun, nous sommes intimement convaincus que la réussite de toute entreprise ou de toute société humaine repose sur la force de son collectif. Aussi, permettez-nous d'avoir une pensée pour tous ces travailleurs, soignants, médecins, caissières, transporteurs et personnels d'entretien qui agissent en première ligne et se battent au quotidien pour permettre au plus grand nombre de continuer à vivre en cette période difficile. Un grand merci à eux de notre part à tous.

Nous croyons en la fraternité et la solidarité et restons persuadés qu'ensemble nous sortirons plus forts de cette crise.
Prenez soin de vous et de vos proches.

Frédéric Foretti.
PDG de Biossun.

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