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Bioclimatic patio cover BIO One
Connected pergola with adjustable slats. Unique Biossun patent.
Learn more about the BIO One
Today you are free to create your own interplay of shadow and light by swivelling each slat of your bioclimatic patio cover, or demarcating areas of sun and shade according to personal preference, with all this lying at your fingertips. Its unique patented system allows each slat to swivel to within a degree, individually or per area covered by several slats. Control and configure your patio cover from your smartphone or tablet.
Bioclimatic patio cover BIO 230
Standing up to 7 metres tall & integrated light
Learn more about the BIO 230
The BIO 230 bioclimatic patio cover sets your imagination free, adding a unique, personal touch to your patio. Up to 7 metres high and with an infinite number of accessories that can be added, you are only constrained by the limits of your imagination.
Bioclimatic patio cover BIO 120
Standing up to 5,5 metres tall
Learn more about the BIO 120
The BIO 120 patio cover can be installed in two different ways: in the middle of your garden for added privacy, or against a wall to shelter your patio and add a designer feel to your home. The white or 8-colour RGB LED lighting is now built in to the structure, offering you the possibility of choosing the lighting atmosphere that suits you.

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