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Adjustable patio covers

Adjustable patio covers

Are you looking for an adjustable patio cover? Choose bioclimatic!

If the market for roof shading is decreasing today, the market for patio covers is on the increase. Very recently on the market, bioclimatic adjustable patio covers are the perfect solution to meet new consumer requirements.


What is an adjustable patio cover?

The bioclimatic architecture offers its users a balance of home comfort and climatic conditions to better govern each person's warmth and ventilation needs. A bioclimatic construction is one in which warmth and ventilation are obtained by making the most of solar radiation and the natural circulation of air.


Biossun adjustable patio covers

Biossun adjustable patio covers, with bioclimatic architecture, are able to reduce energy use, to regulate and maintain an agreeable temperature level, and to control humidity and favour natural lighting.


Biossun adjustable patio covers: comfort, aestheticism and ecology!

Addressing both individuals and professionals (particularly those of hotels and restaurants who wish to make the most of their establishment and profit from their outside space)


Biossun outdoor patio cover - aluminium pergolas

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