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Aluminium patio cover

Aluminium patio cover

Biossun Bioclimatic Aluminum Patio Covers

Are you looking for an aluminum patio cover for your home, patio or backyard? Discover Biossun bioclimatic patio covers ! Biossun's offer is for home owners wanting to obtain an extra living space as well as for business owners; especially those with hotels and restaurants who wish to transform their terraces for the benefit of their establishments.


Advantages of a Biossun Aluminum Patio Cover

  • With their bioclimatic design and their motorized swiveling slats, Biossun aluminum patio covers allow for the natural regulation of temperature in all seasons and protect against heat, wind and bad weather.
  • The aluminum patio covers are controlled electronically. Although they can also operate automatically according to the climactic conditions, thanks to its built in wind and rain sensor.
  • Biossun aluminum patio covers offer you another living space all year round, bringing together comfort, technology and ecology.


The Other Convenience of having a Biossun Aluminum Patio Cover?

A rain water collection system integrated into the structure! Thanks to the curved S-shaped form of its slats, and the water flow along its gutter beams and posts; Biossun aluminum patio covers represent the ideal way to collect rain water easily.


Respect for the Environment at the Heart of Biossun Aluminum Patio Covers

With a large range of colors and material effects (gloss, frosted matt, sandblasted, grain finish, wood effect) to choose from, the aluminum bioclimatic patio covers can suit all spaces, whatever their architecture or environment. Manufactured using 98% recyclable materials and offering natural ventilation which avoids any green house effect, bioclimatic aluminum patio covers fit in perfectly with the current tendency amongst consumers which aims to limit, as much as possible, the impact of products on the environment.



Biossun outdoor patio cover - aluminium pergolas


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