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Aluminium patio covers

Aluminium patio covers

Are you looking for an aluminium patio cover for your home?

Discover Biossun aluminium patio covers! A unique multifaceted solution, they are made in aluminium and based on the concept of solar shading. Biossun patio covers with adjustable slats regulate the temperature of the patio in every season and protect from the heat, wind and bad weather. With 176 degree rotation, our aluminium patio covers benefit from three different pre-programmed positions:

  • Maximum opening
  • Positioning to shield from the sun
  • Complete closing


Aluminium patios constructed on request!

A patio covering your terrace, garden or made to measure... Whatever what patio cover you desire, Biossun provides the perfect response to all of your plans. Almost 400 colours and finishes are available in standard version, certified with QUALICOAT1, QUALIDECO and QUALIMARINE quality standards.


Biossun aluminium patio covers: respect of the environment!

Made with recycled materials, and offering a natural ventilation to prevent greenhouse gases, a bioclimatic aluminium patio cover fits in perfectly with the modern aim of limiting damage to the environment.


A unique concept with growing success

If the roof shading market is today in decline, that of the patio cover is undergoing a net growth. Recently on the market, bioclimatic aluminium patio covers have become extremely popular and respond perfectly to new consumer needs. To know more about Biossun aluminium patio covers; be guided online as to how exactly our patio covers function.



Biossun outdoor patio cover - aluminium pergolas

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