Are you Looking for an Aluminum Pergola for Your Home ?

Are you Looking for an Aluminum Pergola for Your Home ?

Discover the bioclimatic Biossun aluminum pergola ! A unique multi-faceted solution. Made from aluminum and based on the concept of sun shades, the Biossun swiveling slat pergola regulates the temperature in all seasons and protects against heat, wind and bad weather. Having a rotation of 176°, our aluminum pergolas possess, amongst others, three pre-programmed positions:

  • Fully Open
  • Open in Opposition to the Sun
  • Totally Shut


Aluminum Pergolas made to Order

Patio pergola, backyard pergola, tailored pergola... With nearly 400 colors and finishes to choose from as standard, all certified by Qualicoat, Qualideco and Qualimarine, Biossun has a concrete solution for all of your projects, whatever your desired pergola!


Biossun Aluminum Pergola: for the Good of the Environment!

Manufactured using recyclable materials and providing natural ventilation in order to prevent any greenhouse effect, a bioclimatic aluminum pergola is perfectly in tune with the current consumer tendency aiming to reduce environmental impact as much as possible.


An Unprecedented Concept with Growing Success

Although the blinds market is in decline today, the demand for pergolas is showing strong growth. New to the market, bioclimatic aluminum pergolas are already thought of very highly and chime perfectly with the new and emerging needs of consumers.



Biossun outdoor patio cover - aluminium pergolas

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