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Biossun Bioclimatic Attached Pergolas

Biossun Bioclimatic Attached Pergolas

Biossun bioclimatic attached pergolas are the perfect way to optimize living space at home whilst also minimizing your impact on the environment. Drawing on its ecological principles, Biossun has the solution to spatial problems at home whilst also keeping in line with today's environmentally conscious consumer.

The Biossun attached pergola. As well as not using any materials noxious for the environment or human beings, Biossun attached pergolas are manufactured to the highest standards and all come with Qualicoat, Qualideco and Qualimarine accreditation as well as a ten year guarantee.


The Benefits of a Biossun Bioclimatic Attached Pergola

Biossun bioclimatic attached pergolas represent a real alternative to the classic veranda or awning:

  • A pergola acts as comfortable, eco-friendly new living space packed full of technology.
  • With their rotatable blades, Biossun bioclimatic attached pergolas protect against all weather conditions all year round and serve to regulate the temperature in all seasons.
  • These same blades are able to swivel to 176° and come with three pre-programmed settings: fully open, open in opposition to the sun and fully closed.
  • Biossun bioclimatic attached pergolas can be controlled either through a remote control, or automatically thanks to the built-in wind and rain sensor adjusting the slats according to the weather conditions.
  • From the made to measure option to the standard model, all Biossun bioclimatic attached pergolas are made to order. With nearly 400 colors and finish effects to choose from, Biossun has the solution to any project.
  • Biossun attached pergolas can be made to suit any space, whatever its architecture or surroundings.



Biossun outdoor patio cover - aluminium pergolas

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