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Metal patio cover

Metal patio cover

Biossun Bioclimatic Metal Patio Cover

Striking the perfect balance between an awning and a veranda, Biossun metal patio covers, with their motorized swiveling slats, allow you to naturally regulate the temperature and protect you from the heat, whatever the season! Drawing on fundamentals of bioclimatic principles and using materials which are not harmful for the environment or for individuals, Biossun metal swiveling slat patio covers respond perfectly to the current challenges posed by the environment.


Each Metal Patio Cover is made to Order

From the standard metal patio cover to the tailored patio cover, Biossun has a solution to every project. As a result, nearly 400 colors and finishes are available as standard, all certified by Qualicoat*, Qualideco and Qualimarine. Biossun metal patio covers are aimed at both homeowners looking to optimize their living space and at businesses (especially hotels and restaurants).


Metal Patio Covers in the Service of the Environment

Manufactured from 98% recyclable material and offering a form of natural ventilation which circumvents the greenhouse effect, bioclimatic metal patio covers fit in perfectly with the current consumer trend which aims to reduce possible environmental impact.

*The label 'Qualicoat' is given by the ADAL (Association pour le Développement de l'aluminium Anodisé ou Laqué). It certifies the quality of lacquering on aluminum surfaces and guarantees their durability for ten years or more. The labels Qualideco (decorative lacquering) and Qualimarine (quality of lacquering in corrosive environments) are also attributed by the ADAL.



Biossun outdoor patio cover - aluminium pergolas

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