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Biossun metal patio covers

Biossun metal patio covers

A perfect balance between a full terrace shade and a porch, Biossun metal patio covers, with their adjustable and motorised slats, allow you to naturally regulate the temperature and be protected from the climate whatever the season! Based on the fundamental bioclimatic principals and using materials which are not harmful towards individuals or the environment ; metal patio covers with adjustable slats are the perfect response to environmental problems today.


Each metal patio cover is made to demand

From the standard patio cover to the made to measure, Biossun has a response to every project. What's more, almost 400 paints and finishes are available in standard version, certified with QUALICOAT*, QUALIDECO and QUALIMARINE standards. Biossun metal patio covers are geared firstly towards particular desires to have an additional living space and towards professionals (particularly hotels and restaurants). The label 'QUALICOAT' is assessed by the ADAL (Association for the development of anodized or coated aluminium). It certifies that the quality of the coating of aluminium objects guarantees durability for 10 years or more. The labels QUALIDECO (decorative coatings) and QUALIMARINE (the upkeep of coatings in corrosive environments) are also given by the ADAL.


Metal patio covers serving ecology

Made with 98% recyclable material and offering natural ventilation which avoids greenhouse gases effects, metal patio covers integrate perfectly with the current consumer trends which aim to limit effecting the environment as much as possible.



Biossun outdoor patio cover - aluminium pergolas

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