Are You Looking for a Modern Pergola for the Home?

Are You Looking for a Modern Pergola for the Home?

A unique and multi-faceted solution, based on the concept of moveable rotating slats made from aluminum, Biossun bioclimatic modern pergolas protect against all types of weather. Able to rotate to 176°, our modern pergolas also come with; amongst others, 3 different pre-programmed positions:

  • Fully Open
  • Open in Opposition to the Sun
  • Totally Closed


Made to Order Modern Pergolas

Whether your pergola is for the patio, backyard, swimming pool or anywhere else, Biossun has the solution. With nearly 400 colors and finish effects available just as standard and all with Qualicoat, Qualideco and Qualimarine authentication, as well as the option to manufacture your pergola to size, Biossun modern pergolas are able to suit any space whatever its surroundings or architecture.


Biossun Modern Pergolas: An Unprecedented Eco-friendly Concept

Maybe because of its revolutionary eco-friendly credentials, avoiding the use of materials harmful for the environment in its manufacture and harnessing modern bioclimatic technology in order to regulate the patio temperature once installed, Biossun modern pergolas find themselves in rapid growth. Fitting in with the eco-friendly tendencies of today's consumer, modern bioclimatic pergolas are already highly thought of despite their very recent emergence into the market.



Biossun outdoor patio cover - aluminium pergolas

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