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  3. Biossun Outdoor Bioclimatic Patio Cover
Biossun Outdoor Bioclimatic Patio Cover

Biossun Outdoor Bioclimatic Patio Cover

Are you looking for an outdoor patio cover? Discover Biossun bioclimatic pergolas!


The advantages of a Biossun Outdoor Patio Cover for your Patio

  • The perfect alternative to a veranda or an awning, outdoor patio covers from Biossun offer you an extra living space all year round, bringing together comfort, ecology and technology.
  • Made up of 98% aluminum, the swiveling slats of Biossun outdoor patio covers naturally regulate the temperature of your patio.
  • The slats are operated electronically through remote control, though it is also possible for the rotatable blades to act automatically according to the weather thanks to an integrated wind and rain sensor.
  • Biossun outdoor patio covers allow a great degree of customization to suit every style of home and every climate, in order to satisfy all needs and meet all expectations.


Biossun, the Expert in Outdoor Patio Covers

Across its network of retailers, Biossun ensures the manufacture and installation of outdoor patio covers whilst at the same time guaranteeing their protection, aesthetics and comfort. If the blinds market is in decline today, we have noticed that that of outdoor patio covers, especially those with moveable slats, is clearly growing. Beyond comfort and simple sun protection, aesthetics have become a fundamental element for customers who are paying more and more attention to their patio areas.



Biossun outdoor patio cover - aluminium pergolas

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