The advantages of Biossun outdoor patio covers

The advantages of Biossun outdoor patio covers

  • Biossun outdoor patio covers offer an additional living space combining unique technology, comfort and respect of the environment.
  • With their wind and rain sensor, Biossun outdoor patio covers are able to function automatically, depending on the weather!
  • Biossun outdoor patio covers adapt to all types of garden so as to satisfy overall needs and expectations.
  • Biossun outdoor patio covers are certified with QUALICOAT, QUALIDECO and QUALIMARINE standards.


Bioclimatic outdoor patio covers

A bioclimatic construction is a structure where the sun’s rays and natural air circulation are put to their best effect. The occupants thus discover a new kind of symbiosis with their environment.

Made in aluminum, BIOSSUN outdoor patio covers are equipped with adjustable and motorized slats, which naturally regulate the temperature of the patio and protect from the heat, wind and inclement weather. With Biossun pergolas you can enjoy your garden the whole year!


Other aspects of Biossun outdoor patio covers

Their slats benefitting from a curved 'S' form, and from a rain water system via gutter beams and columns, Biossun outdoor patio covers provide the ideal solution to recuperate rain water discreetly.


Discover Biossun

  • In existence for 2 years
  • 40 concessionaires
  • 60 sale outlets in France and its outer departments
  • Spanning 5 countries
  • 4 years of research and development
  • 700 bioclimatic outdoor patio covers constructed today



Biossun outdoor patio cover - aluminium pergolas

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