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Biossun Designer Bioclimatic Patio Covers

Biossun Designer Bioclimatic Patio Covers

Do you wish to install a specially designed patio cover? Biossun bioclimatic pergolas suit all types of home and add to their aesthetics; be it on their patios, gardens, swimming pools, spas, outhouses... Packed with technology, Biossun patio covers have an infinite amount of possible designs, allowing you to optimize your living space.


Biossun Patio Cover Designs: Benefit from the Advantages of Bioclimatic Architecture!

Biossun patio cover designs take advantage of bioclimatic design, allowing you to enjoy your patio for longer. Whatever the weather, this unique patio cover concept naturally regulates the temperature and protects against the sun and bad weather. As a result, your bioclimatic patio cover allows you to find the perfect balance between home, comfort and weather conditions, whilst at the same time reducing your household energy needs.


Quality Patio Cover Designs, 100% eco-friendly

Biossun patio covers are made up of 98% aluminum of the highest quality, completely recyclable material. Made entirely in France our patio cover designs promote a national savoir-faire whilst also keeping a lid on greenhouse gases during production. Furthermore, each of Biossun's patio cover designs benefit from Qualicoat, Qualideco and Qualimarine certification. The motors inside the patio cover are also guaranteed for three years.


What You Should Know Before Having a Biossun Patio Cover Design Installed

  • Be assured of the strength and quality of the supports on which the posts and beams will be fixed. The latter must be capable of supporting the entire weight of the patio cover.
  • Take into account the existing rain water drainage systems.



Biossun outdoor patio cover - aluminium pergolas

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