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Biossun, always open to feedback

Since 2009, we have been placing people and nature at the heart of our concerns, paying particular attention to inspirations, and the creation and development of customised solutions for the comfort of your home. Biossun remains at your disposal to assist you with your residential or commercial projects, to your customers’ benefit.

We offer a whole new dimension of innovative, designer bioclimatic patio and terrace covers for all types of projects that are customised to suit your needs, while we remain at your disposal, regionally and nationally, to help you choose, calculate, cost out, deploy and lay out the best solutions for all of your new construction or renovation projects, whether they are residential or non-residential. Our knowledge of the latest standards and regulations and our experience in the industry helps us to assist you, our customer, in making the best technical and commercial decisions, while always honouring your creative and architectural requirements.


Getting inspired

Customised creations

Browse through our Architectural Creations section to gain insight into the customised aspect of our work. Ambiance, design, living space: all elements are taken into account in the design of customised bioclimatic patio covers built to satisfy every possible need.
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The needs and requirements of all

Outdoor: a new living space Prolong the pleasure of being outdoors, integrate your patio into your home as an extension of a light, open, spacious interior. Have fun playing with the current and passing weather with environmentally-friendly solutions that create a connection with the nature around us. This is the very essence of the architectural design drawn on for our bioclimatic patio covers: open up spaces to quite simply feel comfortable in your home environment.
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Our vision of the art of outdoor living

The ingenuity of Biossun patio covers lies in the principle of bioclimatic architecture, which allows for the perfect balance between the comfort of occupants and the weather conditions. By making the most of the sun’s rays and the natural circulation of air, everyone’s needs for heat and ventilation are better controlled. Whether they are flat-bottomed or S-shaped, the motorised, adjustable slats are positioned at 175°, the optimal degree to control the infiltration of light and natural ventilation. In all types of weather, Biossun aluminium bioclimatic patio covers are custom-made and can be personalised, inviting you to enjoy a relaxed lifestyle. From design to performance, down to the materials used and careful manufacturing practices, the Biossun patio cover is, in every way, a premium product. Nothing is left to chance in transforming each Biossun bioclimatic patio cover into an unforgettable moment. The ultimate benchmark in terms of sun protection.
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Supporting you

Remaining tuned in to the needs of your customers

We remain at your disposal regionally and nationally (Contact Us section) to offer you the tools and advice you may need in defining and realising your project.
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If you have a project in mind, Biossun is there to see it through with you.

Biossun bioclimatic patio covers adapt to all types of living space or buildings, extending the aesthetic beauty of patios, spas, gardens, pool houses and pools. Merging technology and design, they can be melded in an infinite number of ways to prolong the desire to be outdoors.
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