Pour mieux profiter d'un spa ou d'une piscine plongez pour une pergola bioclimatique biossun

To better enjoy a spa or swimming pool, dive for a Biossun bioclimatic pergola

3 February 2018

A swimming pool or spa is an ideal relaxation area to enjoy the benefits of water at home. Pool or spa? In both cases, a bioclimatic Biossun pergola can allow you to enjoy these facilities better, more often and longer. Resourcing at home becomes even more beneficial ...

A real place around the pool
A bioclimatic pergola Biossun optimizes the use of a pool and multiplies the opportunities to enjoy it. During the day, on a terrace facing south, it offers a shaded space where you can relax, read, go to sleep, chat ... and enjoy the moment without feeling the stifling heat of summer. Featuring patented S-shaped swivel slats, it creates natural ventilation. The warm air rises, creating a slight movement of vertical air that rushes between the slats of the pergola. A bioclimatic pergola Biossun also extends the evenings around the pool with its lighting. It allows you to couple spotlights discreetly integrated into the structure and colored leds, creating a personalized lighting atmosphere. Its halo shines like a landmark in the night, it is the place where between two dives, one comes to rest, to rest and to share the happiness of living of such beautiful summer evenings.


An intimate cocoon for better rejuvenation
By sheltering a spa, a bioclimatic Biossun pergola allows you to savor the pleasure of bubbling baths, protected from the vagaries of weather. It creates the ideal conditions for using a spa longer. Throughout the day, its adjustable slats adjust the sunshine. Equipped with a claustra or blinds vertical down, the bioclimatic Biossun pergola makes the spa, an intimate place out of sight and protected from prevailing winds or rays of the setting sun. Its screens shades (available in 7 colors) break the sun's rays without plunging the spa in the dim light. The bright atmosphere is always sweet and pleasant. In the evening, the different lighting of Biossun bioclimatic pergolas creates a personalized light. Thanks to their leds of color, the atmosphere can vary according to 8 tones. With a Biossun bioclimatic pergola, the benefits of the spa are combined with those of chromotherapy: an even greater resourcefulness ... which can be enjoyed even more often!


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