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3 ideas to impress your friends at the aperitif

Sharing time with friends under the Biossun festivités bioclimatic pergola

The art of hospitality

There is no need to wait for the warm weather to invite your friends and family for an aperitif or a cocktail party under your bioclimatic pergola. This moment of shared pleasure is an opportunity to satisfy the most gourmet desires with original aperitif presentations. Bring out the big game, amaze your guests and invite them to indulge!

Dressed and coloured glasses for all your cocktails

Make your guests' eyes sparkle as soon as they arrive! Presentation is essential in the preparation of cocktails, and it undoubtedly guides our desires. Make the magic happen by adding colour and a touch of originality. The decoration can take the form of a frosting, a sprinkling, fruit zests and peels or even fruit sections. It should be cheerful and invigorating, and in harmony with the colour and flavour of the ingredients. Don't be afraid to use your imagination, but be careful not to overload the cocktail.

The secret: use fruit and vegetables that are ripe enough to be enjoyed.

Performance of an evening under a bioclimatic pergola with Biossun lighting
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Colourful and flavourful aperitif verrines

Elegant and tasty, verrines always make an impact as an aperitif.
Whatever the season, they remain a safe bet. Whether you choose a savoury or sweet note, the secret to surprising your guests lies in the presentation.
Playing with the flavours will certainly thrill their taste buds.

And playing with the colours of the various ingredients will undoubtedly seduce them.

For an aperitif before lunch or for a cocktail party, here are a few ideas for recipes where the marriage of tastes and textures will amaze gourmets and gourmands:
- Subtle alliance of kiwi, smoked salmon and fresh cheese with chives
- The sweetness of a beetroot mousse with coconut milk and an avocado mousse
- Mediterranean flavours with the marriage of asparagus panna cotta and tomato jelly with Provencal herbs

Creative and impressive skewers

Raw vegetables and fresh fruit are always welcome at an aperitif or cocktail party. Fresh and light, aperitif kebabs are best enjoyed when presented in a creative way. As decorative as they are tasty, they will brighten up your table.

Do you want to surprise your guests and make your aperitif or cocktail party memorable? By inviting small animals made from mini skewers, they will become the centre of attention. The charming hedgehog seduces with its judicious association of colours and flavours, thought for the pleasure of the eyes and the palate. To make it, choose a loaf of bread on which you will stick your skewers, alternating rows of fresh products (radishes, cherry tomatoes, cheese, olives, pieces of surimi, etc.). To make the head, choose half a lemon on which you will draw the eyes and the snout with a felt pen. And present it on one of your most beautiful dishes! Do you prefer fresh fruit? Cut them into quarters or slices and arrange them on a dish to form a butterfly, for example. Success guaranteed!

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