Our Shelters

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Enter a new dimension Protect your vehicle from the elements and stay dry with the Carport.

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Living space

Live to the rhythm of the seasons, enjoy the sun and the rain, take a bath or work outdoors with the Espace à vivre.

Biossun shelters

Elegance in the service of functionality

Carports and terrace shelters are structures that play an essential role in the lives of many homeowners. Whether you're a car enthusiast or looking for a way to optimize your outdoor space, these versatile installations combine elegance and functionality.
The Biossun carport protects your vehicle from rain, frost, sun and heavy snow loads (fixed roof capable of withstanding up to 195 kg/m2). Single or double bay, self-supporting or façade-mounted, with or without offset post(s), your vehicle can be maneuvered in absolute comfort.