Our history

For 15 years, Biossun has believed in bioclimatic intelligence! As a forerunner in the French bioclimatic pergola market, we are now positioned as an expert in outdoor design. Every day, we reinvent the art of outdoor living with pleasure and conviction. Because Biossun's trajectory is above all a story where our values invite us to innovate and surpass ourselves.

Biossun, a small company based in the Rhône-Alpes region, was born out of a desire to design homes that take better advantage of the natural elements by using bioclimatic protection solutions. Our expertise and unrivalled technology mean that each of our developments is a skilful alchemy of innovative research and design.

Over the years, the Biossun teams have grown to make the dreams of more than 40,000 private individuals come true and to enable more than 4,000 hotel and restaurant professionals to increase their business

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Laying the first stone

2009 - Creation of the Biossun brand and registration of the patent for the first bioclimatic pergola blade.

Within the first year, 300 bioclimatic pergolas were installed and the brand met with enormous success at the Bâtimat international trade fair in Paris.


Turning the corner

2010 - The Biossun teams now have 15 employees.

More than 2000 bioclimatic pergolas have already been installed in France and abroad thanks to our network of 50 French distributors partners and the creation of Biossun Switzerland.


Getting noticed

2011 - First digital media campaign to support the launch of the Bio 230, which quickly became an iconic model for the brand.

With 25 employees, Biossun installs 4,000 bioclimatic pergolas and signs a partnership with the Accor Group at the Cannes Festival to deploy a pergola of over 300 m2.


Pergola Bio 120 - 2

Making the pergola accessible

2012 - With the launch of the Bio 120, Biossun democratises the bioclimatic pergola.

With 35 employees, the company installed 6,000 bioclimatic pergolas that year.


Putting down roots and building relationships

2013 - Biossun opens its first production site in Sassenage in Isère.

At the same time, it obtains the Origine France Garantie certification and develops a partnership with the CSTB.

Thanks to its 50 employees and 75 French and European distributors partners, 8,000 bioclimatic pergolas are installed in the residential sector and 1,500 in the hotel and restaurant sector.


Entering a new dimension

2015 - This was a pivotal year in the company's history, as Biossun developed and perfected the first connected bioclimatic pergola.

With 60 employees and 75 distributors in France and Europe, Biossun installed 10,000 residential pergolas and 2,000 in hotels and restaurants in just 12 months.


Continuing our development

2017 - To consolidate its position as a designer, manufacturer, distributor and installer, Biossun expands its Sassenage site, increasing its production area to 6,000 m2.

At the same time, the company opened regional offices in the Alps and the Mediterranean and, thanks to the mobilisation of its 70 employees and 75 partners distributors, installed 15,000 bioclimatic pergolas for residential use and 2,500 for hotels and restaurants.


Getting closer to the professionals

2018 - In order to better support construction professionals, the company creates Biossun.

Thanks to its 80 employees and 90 French and European partners distributors, Biossun passes the mark of 20,000 bioclimatic pergolas installed in the residential sector and 3,000 in the hotel and restaurant sector.


Reinventing the pergola

2019 - Biossun is reinventing the bioclimatic pergola with the creation and marketing of two major technological innovations: the e-Motion bioclimatic pergola and the Bio One bioclimatic pergola.
The registration of 10 patents means that every user can now benefit from a unique and unrivalled experience, namely the ability to orientate the slats. Biossun is writing a new page in the history of bioclimatic with the e-Motion model, the first retractable and connected pergola!


Imagining new solutions

2021 - After the successful launch of the e-Motion and Bio One bioclimatic pergolas, Biossun is innovating once again by developing the Carport. A unique concept that protects vehicles from the extreme cold or prolonged exposure to the sun's rays while ensuring the safety of their occupants when they leave or arrive.

With 100 employees and 120 French and European distributors, the company passed the milestone of 30,000 bioclimatic pergolas installed in the residential sector and 4,000 in the hotel and restaurant sector that year.


Entering a new dimension

2022 - Biossun joins Stella Group. A French group and European leader in the window closure, access and solar protection segments, Stella Group employs more than 2,200 people and has a turnover of €650 million.

Driven by strong social values and sustainable products, the group currently has more than ten brands and 16 production sites in France, Germany, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

Discover Stella Group


Diversifying our offer

2023 - Biossun is constantly innovating and is launching the Bio PM pergola, an ideal combination of an awning and an aluminium pergola, and the Bio KD awning, which can cover large areas of the terrace thanks to its multiple units.


Meeting your needs

2024 - Biossun innovates once again to meet your needs, launching the Bio Air retractable-slat pergola for open-air living. Biossun also reinvents the canvas pergola by creating a perfect alliance with the aluminum pergola around the Bio T. The range also expands with our brand-new Bio K awning, designed to fit terraces and balconies.

Committed to a more respectful world

Biossun deploys its pergolas and bioclimatic solutions by designing shelters and facilities that are 100% French and 100% eco-designed. In this logic of eco-citizen approach, our bioclimatic pergolas are composed of 98% of first fusion aluminum, a fully recyclable material. An ecological solution that fits into the construction of high environmental quality (HEQ) and low consumption (BBC) buildings.

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