Our aluminium bioclimatic pergolas

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BIO 120

Create a gentle setting, live out of time and redesign your space with the Bio 120 adjustable-slat pergola.
With its innovative, modern design, the Bio 120 pergola adapts to your surface area thanks to a maximum span of 5.50 m. It creates a shady, sheltered living space that protects you from the heat of summer and the cool of spring.
Available in over 350 colours for the structure and slats, the Bio 120 pergola can be customised to suit your needs. This model also has built-in LED lighting, so you can enjoy a warm atmosphere on summer evenings.

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BIO 230

Break free from constraints, dream the impossible and enter a new dimension with the Bio 230 adjustable-slat pergola.
A scalable aluminium structure, the Bio 230 pergola can cover an area of up to 31.5 m² in a single-bay installation. Free-standing or mounted on the front of your house, it adds a touch of elegance and reinvents your outdoor space.
Controlled remotely with a multifunction remote control, our made-to-measure aluminium pergola brings well-being and comfort to the user.

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Make room for the sun the simplest way, enjoy a panoramic view of the sky and adjust the shade to your liking, with the Bio Air retractable pergola.

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Play with the sun, imagine new perspectives and redefine the terrace with the Bio PM Canvas Pergola. Make the most of your garden with the Bio PM canvas pergola. It's the perfect combination of awning and aluminium pergola. With an adjustable tilt of up to 45°, our pergola protects you from the sun and lets you enjoy your outdoors for longer. Biossun offers a range of canvas colours for a personalised terrace. Thanks to the rain sensor option, this fabric pergola retracts automatically.

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Draw new boundaries between light and shade and imagine a new art of outdoor living with the Bio T canvas pergola.

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