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Feedback: A summer under a bioclimatic pergola in Draillant

Tell us about your desire for a new bioclimatic pergola...

"Our pool area faces south: it is very pleasant, but also sometimes suffocating. To take full advantage of it, we wanted to provide a shaded area, while having good air circulation. We already had adjustable sunshades installed, but they were not enough. Naturally, we thought of the well-being that a second Biossun bioclimatic pergola could bring us. Yes, a second one, because two years ago, we already had one installed, leaning against the house. It houses our dining area and we are absolutely delighted with it: it's a perfectly comfortable place where we feel good in every season. The idea of installing a second Biossun pergola near the pool quickly became clear to us. We wanted it to harmonize with the existing directional sunshades and to echo our first Biossun pergola "dining area".

Bioclimatic pergola - Site in Draillant- Biossun - A StellaGroup Company

Which Biossun pergola did you choose?

"We chose a BIO 230 pergola which was installed last summer. We were very well advised and accompanied in our project by our installer (Sunlife By Game) who perfectly understood our needs and desires. It measures about 20m2, it's a very cocooning corner around the pool which is rather spacious! We chose a matte anthracite gray color. It is thus perfectly matched with the orientable sunshades that were already in place. We opted for flat slats in a slightly lighter gray than the pergola. The ratio of the two tones is subtle and very design. The whole is sober and elegant, in perfect harmony with our first pergola. It is equipped with adjustable peripheral spotlights and LED strips. The spotlights allow you to modulate the light and the light strips provide lighting that emphasizes the purity of the pergola's lines. These lighting options invite us to enjoy the pool area late at night and create different moods depending on the mood of the evening!"

Biossun bioclimatic pergola by the pool with black and white garden furniture
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