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Natural temperature control of your pergola

Natural temperature control of your pergola

How hot is it under a bioclimatic pergola?

The bioclimatic pergola is ideal for achieving the ideal temperature and good ventilation on your terrace. Are you wondering whether it's hot or cool under a bioclimatic pergola? What temperature can you expect? What factors affect the temperature? Find out how hot it is under a bioclimatic pergola and what factors determine your thermal comfort.

What is the temperature under a bioclimatic pergola?

The temperature under a bioclimatic pergola is not set in stone. Many factors influence the heat under a pergola. This system allows better air circulation than under a conventional pergola. The air rushing between the slats of the pergola speeds up and provides excellent ventilation under the roof. You can expect to lose several degrees compared with the outside of the pergola when the sun hits hard. In winter, the temperature under the pergola remains much the same as under the shelter. In all cases, your pergola adapts to your needs. It adapts to your exposure to the sun and can let in air for better ventilation, or close its slats to prevent it getting too hot.

What factors affect the temperature under a bioclimatic pergola?

Many factors can affect the temperature under a bioclimatic pergola. Together, they determine the temperature under your pergola. Here's how they work.

Your region

It's always hotter under a pergola installed in a hot region than under a structure installed in a temperate or even cold zone. If temperatures are very high at home in summer, it won't be as hot as outside under your pergola, but it will still be hot. The best pergola in the world, equipped with the best sensors and the most innovative options, cannot cool the air. You can enjoy greater thermal comfort during the day, but your pergola can't work miracles.

The weather

The hotter it is outside, the hotter it will be under your pergola. Rain and wind can cool the air under your structure. The sensors in your pergola adapt to the weather conditions. They open slightly if it's windy, to maximise ventilation under the pergola without letting in the sun. You can also adjust your pergola's adjustable slats as you wish.

Time of day

The sun beats down hard between 12 and 4pm. These are the hottest hours of the day, both under the pergola at your house and anywhere outside.

Orientation of the slats and exposure

If your terrace faces due south, it will always be warmer under your pergola than under a model that faces east or west. The orientation of the slats you choose when installing your unit will also have an impact on the heat under your bioclimatic pergola.

Other factors

The quality of your pergola, its slats and the materials used also have an impact on your thermal comfort. Biossun offers aluminium pergolas, ideal for landscaping your outdoor spaces. This pergola material has many advantages. Durable and lightweight, bioclimatic aluminium pergolas can be used to create practical spaces, almost like extra rooms (thanks to the addition of awnings, for example). They let in natural light while protecting you from the sun and bad weather.

Natural temperature control for your pergola

Biossun pergolas have a natural air-conditioning system with no greenhouse effect, as well as a solution for regulating the indoor temperature, for optimum comfort.
Your pergola will enable you to enjoy your outdoors in all weathers, all year round. Would you like to invest in a bioclimatic pergola? Talk to our advisors about your project. They'll answer your questions and give you personalised advice. You can also get a quote in just a few clicks. Discover our catalogue of top-of-the-range products, as well as all our advice guides on the use, installation and maintenance of pergolas:
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