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A bioclimatic pergola for your flat terrace?

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A bioclimatic pergola for your flat terrace?

Do you want to enjoy your flat terrace whatever the season? Often associated with the garden or the terrace of the house, the pergola can also find its place on a flat terrace. A real personalised outdoor living space, it offers conviviality and comfort on a daily basis. In order to consider the installation of a bioclimatic pergola in such an environment and to take advantage of all its benefits, it is important to know the points to watch out for.

The advantages of a bioclimatic pergola for a flat terrace

Imagine yourself benefiting from an outdoor terrace designed to be a warm and comfortable place to be at any time of the year. Preserving your privacy, the bioclimatic pergola integrates perfectly with your environment, without distorting the house. This element becomes the natural extension of your flat. Is the weather forecast to be cool or even rainy? In closed configuration, the pergola insulates against humidity and coolness. Is the sun really shining? Thanks to your pergola with adjustable slats, you can play with the light and stay protected from the heat. In all seasons, the different elements of the bioclimatic pergola allow you to enjoy your terrace.

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How can I install a bioclimatic pergola on my apartment terrace?

Two types of custom bioclimatic pergolas are generally favored by homeowners for their apartment terrace. The wall-mounted pergola and the freestanding pergola. Discover their similarities and differences.

Lean-to pergola

The wall-mounted pergola is often the most popular configuration. Being wall-mounted, it doesn't take up much floor space, which is particularly advantageous for apartment terraces. It also leaves more room for outdoor furniture and potted plants.
The lean-to bioclimatic pergola is perfect for adding extra living space to your home. Equipped with a roof with adjustable slats, it's also your best ally for protection from the sun in midsummer. Enjoy your terrace during the hottest hours of the day with this type of roof.

Freestanding pergola

The freestanding configuration is often used to install a pergola in a garden or beside a swimming pool. Supported by four pillars, this flat-roofed structure is ideal for creating a space independent of the house. Larger in scale than the wall-mounted pergola, the island pergola is less suited to small spaces. Nevertheless, it remains very popular for large outdoor areas, especially roof terraces.
A high-quality shelter, the free-standing bioclimatic pergola is made of aluminum. Strong and lightweight, this material won't add excessive load to your roof, unlike steel, for example. Create a relaxation zone or play area for your children on the roof of your apartment.

Points to watch when designing your terrace

To create and install a pergola, you'll need to check a few essential points. Permits are also required to bring your project to life.

Technical constraints

A pergola can be integrated into any type of dwelling, provided the configuration of the site allows it. To create this new living space, it's essential to check the accessibility of your apartment terrace. Wall and floor fixings must be able to be installed without constraint. Technical checks are therefore essential to ensure that your project is feasible. The bioclimatic pergola must also be installed in such a way as not to reduce the amount of light entering your home. Depending on its location, you may choose a pergola with adjustable slats or a retractable cover.

Necessary permits

The first step is to ensure that the terrace is private. In the case of condominiums, the installation of a pergola must be approved by the General Meeting of the building's co-owners. Such an installation falls into the category of work affecting the external appearance of the building (according to the law of July 10, 1965).
Planning permission must also be obtained before the pergola can be installed. This can be obtained from your local town hall. This certificate validates your work in terms of the town planning regulations in force in your commune. It's important to comply with these regulations to avoid any disputes at a later date.

Regarding planning permission, you don't need it for an outdoor shelter up to 5 m². Above this size, the surface area of the work must be declared to the town hall:
Between 5 m² and 20 m²: you need to submit a preliminary building application.
Over 20 m²: you need to apply for a permit to build the pergola.

Biossun solutions for a unique outdoor living spa

Biossun reinvents the art of outdoor living with unique, made-to-measure solutions. Innovating by imagining a space that perfectly meets your expectations, creating an atmosphere that suits you, remains at the heart of our business. Our terrace designs strike the perfect balance between comfort and climatic conditions. Elegance meets well-being, so you can enjoy moments of shared pleasure in every season. Your outdoor living space is unique, blending perfectly with your surroundings. The design of Biossun pergolas has the advantage of matching every style. Choose quality and made-to-measure cladding for your apartment terrace pergola. Outdoor living is sure to be warm and inviting, with family and friends.

Biossun attaches great importance to the feasibility of each installation. We offer a made-to-measure service to meet every problem and guarantee the success of your project. In partnership with our authorized distributors, we have set up a personalized support service.

From the comfort of your own home, a Biossun specialist will help you choose your new aluminum-roofed pergola, assess your surface area and dimensions, and advise you on any masonry work required. Whether you opt for a standard or made-to-measure pergola, he or she will recommend the model best suited to your garden or terrace.
If it's not possible to drill holes in the ground to fix the posts, our expert can show you our ballasted planter, for example. This innovative concept uses gravel or sand to stabilize the aluminum bioclimatic pergola.

Biossun offers a complete range of equipment for bioclimatic pergolas. Like a veranda, would you like to cover the sides of your aluminum pergola? Discover Biossun sliding glazing for a unique terrace design.
This closure solution integrates perfectly with different architectural styles, providing an unobstructed view of your exterior. Transparent glass lets natural light into the pergola, while protecting you from UV rays and bad weather.

LED lighting can also be installed on your aluminum shelter. Extend your summer evenings with friends and family with our LED lighting strips incorporated into the structure of your bioclimatic terrace.
Would you like to find out more about our bioclimatic solutions or request a quote? Visit the "contact us" page on our website. A form is available to describe your project. A Biossun consultant will be happy to answer all your questions.