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Can I have my pergola installed on soft ground?

Can I have my pergola installed on soft ground?

A pergola can be installed on a terrace or in the middle of your garden, but always on solid ground. Loose soil, such as sand, earth or gravel, can pose challenges in terms of stability and securing the structure properly. Depending on the configuration of your project, a concrete base, in the form of a slab or simple blocks, will ensure that the structure is firmly anchored.

All our distribution partners will help you define the fittings needed to secure the structure.

Installing a pergola on soft ground can be more complex and requires special attention. However, it is possible to install it properly by taking certain steps.

Installing a pergola on soft ground can be more complex than on solid ground. It is important to note that installing a pergola on soft ground may have limitations in terms of weight and dimensions.

Installing a bioclimatic pergola requires careful planning and the involvement of experienced professionals. Make sure the ground is suitable for proper fixing.

It is therefore advisable to call on professionals with experience in this field. They will have the knowledge and skills to assess the ground, design the appropriate foundations and install the pergola safely and securely.
Our Biossun experts are there to support you every step of the way, ensuring that your pergola is safe and works perfectly.

In summary, although it is possible to install a pergola on soft ground, this requires careful planning, solid foundations, appropriate anchoring and possibly additional reinforcement. Calling in professionals is highly recommended to guarantee a safe and durable installation.

Entrust the installation of your bioclimatic pergola to our Biossun experts today, and you'll get a clean, precise result that guarantees safe installation!