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How do I get a pergola quote?

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Why choose a Biossun pergola?

Biossun offers you top-of-the-range pergolas. They are made in France from primary aluminium. This exceptional material is robust, lightweight and easy to maintain.
Our bioclimatic design pergolas enhance your exterior and offer optimum protection thanks to their aluminium slatted roof. Fully adjustable, they allow you to manage the sunlight and ventilation under your shelter.
We have many options to make your aluminium pergola unique and personalised. From sliding glass to lighting, you're spoilt for choice to enhance your comfort and give your terrace a designer look.
You should also know that all our models are certified by the CSTB (Centre Scientifique Technique du Bâtiment). They are particularly sturdy, can withstand extreme weather conditions and will last for a very long time if they are properly maintained.

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How do I request a quote for a Biossun pergola?

Whether you're an individual or a professional, Biossun can help you make your project a reality. Contact us by email or phone to get your free pergola quote. Or go to our contact page and fill in our online form.
As experts in bioclimatic solutions, we're here to help you make sure your new pergola meets all your needs. Depending on your budget, our advisers will draw up a precise estimate tailored to your requirements.
If you're hesitating between several models, we'll help you choose the terrace pergola that's right for you. Once the quote has been approved, our teams will install the pergola and accessories.

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Questions to ask for a personalised quote

Which location to choose?
When it comes to installing a pergola, you can choose between a lean-to or freestanding structure. To decide which one to choose, you need to decide whether it will be placed on a terrace or in the garden.
A lean-to pergola rests on the front of your house and protects your terrace. A freestanding structure, on the other hand, rests on four pillars and creates an island of relaxation independent of the rest of the house.
What are the dimensions?
Once you've decided on a location, you need to measure the space available. The price of your bioclimatic pergola will vary according to the surface area to be covered. Generally speaking, the larger the area, the higher the cost.
For a structure tailored to your exterior, opt for a made-to-measure pergola. With such an installation, you're sure to satisfy all your desires. At Biossun, all our aluminium shelters are fully customisable.
Which colour is best?
Here are a few rules to follow when choosing the colour of your aluminium pergola. First and foremost, select a colour you like. You should also make sure that the colour blends in well with your home to create a harmonious atmosphere.
Biossun offers a wide range of colours to match every style of home. Whether your home is classic or modern, we'll help you decide which colour is right for it.
What accessories should I add?
Additional equipment adds to the price of a pergola. On the other hand, they provide greater comfort and customisation. In particular, you can add LED lighting to extend your summer evenings and make the most of your pergola.
Used as a terrace roof, the pergola is generally open on the sides. But you can add side awnings and glass walls for added protection whatever the weather.
And if you want to install a pergola without drilling holes in the ground, have a look at our ballast planters. This innovative accessory stabilises the structure and can accommodate plants to add a touch of freshness to your layout.
What budget should I allow for a pergola?
If you have a specific budget, please indicate it in your quote request. This will enable us to offer you the best options for your budget. The average price of a bioclimatic terrace depends on several factors:
The model: lean-to pergola providing a roof for your terrace or freestanding pergola in the garden.
The type of roof: aluminium slats, retractable canvas, polycarbonate or green roof.
Equipment: integrated lighting, side closures or weather sensors.
Preparatory work: electrical connection, anchoring for posts or building foundations.