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How do you connect your pergola to the electricity supply? - Biossun

How do you connect your pergola to the electricity supply?

Why wire your pergola for electricity?

It's essential to connect most pergola models to electricity. Only pergolas connected to electricity can incorporate a socket or lighting. These options are particularly useful. Some pergolas may also need electricity to power blinds, speakers or a heating system. Bioclimatic pergolas absolutely require electricity. Electricity is essential to the operation of a bioclimatic pergola, enabling it to move its adjustable slats.

How do you connect your pergola to the electricity supply?

Do you want to connect your pergola to electricity? Wondering how to power your structure? How do you make the right connections from your house to your terrace? Find out about the various possible solutions and the steps to follow.

The planning phase

This stage involves determining your pergola's electrical requirements. To find out, you need to take stock of the electrical appliances you plan to use. Count the number of sockets for your appliance, the number of LED lights, note the presence of any heating system, a motor to move the awnings on your appliance, a fan... the more electrical points you have, the more powerful your installation needs to be. Don't hesitate to ask for the power required for your bioclimatic pergola at the time of purchase so that you don't spend too much time planning your electrical connection.

Professional support

Electrical work can be dangerous. The risks of electrocution or electrical damage to your installation are very real when you embark on an electrical connection without any special skills. We therefore recommend that you call in a qualified electrician to carry out your electrical connection work. He or she will be able to carry out the installation, or advise you on the appropriate equipment, good techniques and electrical safety standards. For example, the choice of circuit breaker, cables, sheaths and enclosures is crucial to the safety of your installation.

Connecting a pergola to electricity: steps to follow

Let's get down to business. Even if you don't do your own electrical work, it's a good idea to know how it's done. There are three possible solutions:

1. Pass through the attic to your central switchboard. Cables are often routed at the level of the concealed covers for greater discretion.
2.Pull the cables up to your switchboard. This is a popular solution for new-builds, but a difficult one for renovations. It requires masonry work, such as holes in walls and partitions, to route cables and sheaths to the main switchboard.
3.Pull a cable to a nearby socket, which is already connected to the switchboard. The cable can then be brought out to the height of the pergola's wall profile and connected to your outdoor structure. You can also run the cable up the outside of the pergola in a sheath, or hide it inside a pergola post.

Our pergolas connected to electricity

Now you know how to connect your pergola to the electricity supply. Don't feel up to connecting your pergola to the electricity? Take advantage of our list of partner technicians to have your pergola installed by qualified professionals. You can also contact us for further advice and guidance during the installation of your garden structure.