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Energy consumption and bioclimatic pergolas: The impact?

What's the point of a sustainable pergola?

Bioclimatic pergolas are practical and durable. They are comfortable to use, protect your exterior and allow you to enjoy your terrace in all seasons. So why choose a durable pergola? What are the advantages of a pergola? Biossun explains in this new article.

Why invest in a bioclimatic pergola?

Are you wondering why investing in a sustainable pergola is a good idea? Discover all the advantages of a bioclimatic pergola, a shelter but also a modern living space that can withstand all weather conditions.

Enjoy your outdoors for longer

Rain, wind, snow or extreme heat can quickly drive us indoors. Would you like to enjoy your outdoors all year round? Our bioclimatic pergolas are ideal for those who want to spend time outdoors in all seasons. They protect you from the sun and rain and are perfectly windproof. You can spend time under your pergola in summer and winter, whether it's hot, rainy or windy.

For greater user comfort

Our pergolas give you optimum comfort on your terrace or in your garden. Their slats provide excellent ventilation under the structure. You can stay cool under your pergola even in the hottest weather. You'll feel comfortable under your structure at any time of day, whatever the season.
So you don't have to change your structure for a long time to come
Our pergolas are made from aluminium, a weather-resistant, rustproof, durable and maintenance-free material. Biossun pergolas can be with you for 15, 20, even 30 years or more! Opting for this solution is therefore much cheaper than choosing a simple removable arbour, a traditional pergola or a cane awning.

To protect your home and/or outdoor furniture

As you can see, bioclimatic pergolas work with intelligent adjustable slats. These provide perfect protection for the area beneath the structure. So your garden furniture is perfectly sheltered under your pergola. You can leave it outside all year round, without worrying about it being damaged by rain, sunlight, snow or frost. And that's not all: if you opt for a lean-to pergola, i.e. one that is fixed to the wall of your house, your façade will also be protected from the elements. It will stay cleaner for longer and suffer less damage than if it were exposed directly to the elements.

For energy savings

Bioclimatic pergolas are connected to the mains supply, but use very little energy. They can also save you money in summer, by limiting your use of fans and air conditioners. Your pergola protects your house from direct sunlight and prevents the heat from spreading into your home.

Embellishing your exterior

Properly chosen, bioclimatic pergolas are a real aesthetic asset for your exterior. Available in a wide range of colours, aluminium pergolas blend in with any garden décor. What's more, they can be fitted with options such as LED lighting, blinds or sliding glazing to add a touch of style to your structure. Durable pergolas can be adapted to suit all your tastes in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

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Energy consumption and bioclimatic pergolas: What is the impact in winter?

One of the great advantages of the bioclimatic pergola is the impact it can have on the energy consumption of a house thanks to its installation on the façade which reduces heat loss in winter.

The advantages of a bioclimatic pergola in winter

A pergola allows you to have a protected exterior or even a real additional room. A classic pergola is made of the same materials as a bioclimatic pergola; however, when the weather is very hot, the greenhouse effect is felt very quickly and, conversely, when it is cold, the terrace cannot be enjoyed.

The bioclimatic pergola allows you to enjoy your covered terrace all year round by taking into account the climatic conditions in order to offer optimal comfort. The slats of the pergola adapt to the weather to offer you an optimal moment on your terrace thanks to its connected system.

As for the impact on energy consumption, a classic pergola has little or no impact because it is not directly connected to the weather conditions.
In addition to being able to take full advantage of your terrace in winter, Biossun bioclimatic pergolas offer energy benefits for your home by allowing you to trap the heat of the sun's rays in order to naturally heat your interior thanks to the orientation of its slats.

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Insulating the house well to save money

Insulating your home properly is an important part of trying to save energy. That's what a bioclimatic pergola can offer you, by taking full advantage of local conditions such as the sun.

There are two possibilities when you install a Biossun bioclimatic pergola: an island installation or a façade installation.

With a front-facing installation, you can enjoy your terrace all year round, protected from the elements and offering extra living comfort. You can give it the ambience you want by decorating it and adding LED lights, which will give you optimum lighting in summer and winter alike, and help you reduce your electricity bill.

Fixed to the walls of your house or flat, the bioclimatic pergola provides protection from the cold by optimising the heat of the sun's rays. This protection will help you save degrees in adjoining rooms, thereby reducing your heating requirements.

An extension with double benefits: living comfort and savings! Thanks to its adjustable slats, the bioclimatic pergola can manage light levels or even protect against rain or UV rays. By adding a full glass enclosure option, you can insulate yourself from the rain as well as from noise.
So there you have it: a durable pergola is a real investment, a real asset for your home and a way of improving thermal comfort while saving energy. Our aim is to offer you practical structures that retain heat or coolness and capture, transform and diffuse energy. We offer a wide range of intelligent pergolas with a host of options. Biossun has a solution for every project. Want to find out more about our outdoor protection concept?

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