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Discover the new canvas pergola - Biossun

Canvas pergola

Expert in bioclimatic protection, Biossun now offers a pergola with retractable cover. The new Bio PM pergola completes our range of aluminum bioclimatic pergolas. To help you make your choice, here are the advantages of each model. Canvas or bioclimatic, discover the outdoor shelter that's right for you!

The advantages of bioclimatic pergolas

The bioclimatic pergola is an openwork structure with a flat or slightly sloping ceiling. Openings on the sides allow the covered area to benefit from natural ventilation. And the aluminum slatted roof provides optimum protection for users.

The bioclimatic pergola can also be attached to a facade. In this configuration, it creates a modern, innovative terrace roof. It can also be installed in the middle of a garden or beside a swimming pool. Independent of the rest of the house, the freestanding pergola is perfect for a relaxation area.

A bioclimatic terrace is generally equipped with adjustable slats, which can be adjusted manually or remotely when motorized. By tilting the slats, you control the amount of sunlight that penetrates under the pergola. You can opt for shade to regulate temperature, or for plenty of light.

The bioclimatic pergola adapts to all climatic conditions and can be used all year round. It extends your interior while providing excellent solar protection. Adjustable slats let you regulate air circulation under the shelter. Depending on their orientation, you can benefit from ideal ventilation in hot weather.

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The advantages of a canvas pergola

The canvas pergola is a more robust solution than the awning for protecting a terrace. It consists of a fixed structure on which a retractable or roll-up canvas is installed. In most cases, these pergolas are motorized to facilitate opening and closing of the canvas.

This type of roof is ideal for creating a designer terrace and providing protection from the elements. When the cover is extended, the pergola offers a shaded, heat-protected space. When retracted, it lets in sunlight to warm the atmosphere when it's cool.

Installed on the terrace or in the garden, the canvas pergola is prized for its versatility. It provides good sun protection and can be used to shelter from light rain. Some canvases are even totally water-resistant, thanks to a waterproofing treatment.

The canvas pergola can be adapted to any style of home. Both the frame and canvas are fully customizable. Depending on your tastes, choose an aluminum, wood, PVC or iron shelter. And choose a canvas color that blends in well with the rest of your home.

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The new Bio PM pergola

Create a unique outdoor living space with the new Biossun pergola model. The Bio PM aluminum pergola is highly resistant to the elements. And its fully retractable canvas is available in a range of colors to harmonize perfectly with your property.

The Bio PM fabric pergola can be tilted up to 45° for effective protection from the sun. So you can enjoy your garden all day long. And for even greater convenience, the fabric is motorized to extend and retract.
The Bio PM pergola has an overhang of 4.5m and a maximum width of 6.5m. Multiple units are available for perfect adjustment to your surface area. And if the standard model doesn't suit you, we can build your pergola to measure.

Biossun offers numerous options for customizing your canvas pergola:
A valance: this side-closure solution enhances protection against the vagaries of the weather.
LED lighting: ideal for prolonging summer evenings with your guests.
A rain and wind sensor: automatically closes the fabric to protect it from tearing.

Interested in our new terrace pergola? Contact us for a free quote. Biossun is at your service to bring your project to life.

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