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Enjoy your bioclimatic pergola every season

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You don't have to wait for the warm weather to enjoy it!

A true extension of your house or apartment, the pergola is ideally placed on your terrace, in your garden or by your pool. In perfect harmony with your environment, it undeniably brings elegance and refinement. The originality is also at the rendezvous according to the custom-made creation that you have chosen. And you don't have to wait for the summer to enjoy it! It adapts to your desires, every season. A privilege that makes it so successful...

What equipment should you choose to fully enjoy your pergola all year round?

Equip your outdoor space for optimal comfort! Equipment is available to enhance your pergola and provide constant comfort in summer and winter.
To protect your space from the wind or the rays of the setting sun, the vertical drop awning is ideal. Controlled by remote control, it allows a control of the light and the elements without any constraint. The sliding glass and the claustra, an elegant privacy screen, also have many advantages. The cold has arrived and the sun's rays are becoming scarcer? Does the summer heat seem unbearable? Perfectly equipped and scalable, your pergola offers you the comfort of a living space without equal.
Let your pergola evolve according to your desires! By adopting a lighting design, give a brighter dimension to your winter days and your summer evenings. Spots or LED strips, your choice will be based on the atmosphere you want to create.

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Focus on decoration to perfect comfort and well-being in all seasons

Why not adapt your design to the season? Put well-being and comfort in the spotlight by playing with the decorating elements.
Opt for warm colors in autumn and winter, and more sober tones in summer. Also adapt the choice of materials to the months of the year: linen cushions during the summer months, wool and velvet cushions during the coldest months.
Also consider changing small decorative objects and plants according to the seasons. This allows you to modulate the atmosphere of your pergola.