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¿Cómo elegir las dimensiones adecuadas para su pérgola? - Biossun

How do you choose the right dimensions for your pergola?

The dimensions of your pergola must be chosen with care

If it's too big, the pergola takes up unnecessary space in the garden. If it's too small, you won't be able to make the most of your outdoor space. Not sure how to choose the right dimensions for your pergola? Discover our tips to help you make the right choice.

Choose according to the space you have available

Be sure to calculate the length and width of your pergola before you buy. Pergolas are fairly long and wide outdoor structures that can quickly saturate the space you have available. Ideally, and depending on your needs, your pergola should at least overhang your garden furniture. Allow at least one or two meters more to avoid rain splashing onto your furniture during showers.

Choosing the right pergola size for the number of users

The more people you want to enjoy the outdoors under your pergola, the larger it needs to be. The size of your pergola therefore depends on the number of people who want to spend time under it. If there are a lot of you, opt for a pergola big enough to house a large garden table or cocooning garden furniture. If you're a single person, a couple or a small family, choose accordingly.

Choosing the surface area of a pergola according to its intended use

Your pergola needs to protect you from the elements and the sun. If you only want to use your pergola occasionally, you don't need too big a model. A small or medium-sized pergola, either wall-mounted or freestanding, may be all you need. Your choice will also depend on the layout you plan to install under your structure. If you're planning a large dining area, living room and decorations, you'll need more space than if you're only planning a small table or sunbeds. Some people also choose to put their spa or swimming pool under their pergola. In this case, you need to plan for maximum space, i.e. large pergola dimensions. Try to plan ahead: it would be a shame to have to change your pergola if your desires change later on. Large pergolas are practical and offer a large protected area. They can be fitted with blinds, sockets and lighting, so that they become real living rooms. Also check the roof height of the model you're considering. The roof of your pergola should not exceed that of your house if it's a lean-to pergola.

Choosing the size of your pergola to suit your aesthetic needs

Your pergola is the perfect shelter, but it's also an asset to your garden. Choose dimensions that are in harmony with the surface area of your plot and the facade of your house, to create an aesthetically pleasing whole. The right choice of pergola will enhance your terrace. So make sure you choose the right dimensions, the right material and the right colour. Listen to yourself: the ideal model of pergola is the one that suits your tastes and desires.
Now you know how to choose the right dimensions for your pergola. As you can see, you need to analyse a number of criteria to choose the perfect dimensions. As well as the dimensions, it's also important to choose the options for your pergola and the way it looks. Browse our online catalogue to find a pergola model that's practical to use and capable of enhancing your exterior. We have a wide range of models to suit every need. Do you have any questions? Contact us using our contact form.