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How to create a designer terrace with a pergola? - Biossun

Create a designer terrace with a pergola

Would you like to create a designer space in your garden? With a terrace pergola, you can enjoy a real living space that's both covered and open to the outdoors. To make your bioclimatic terrace elegant and attractive, a number of elements need to be taken into account. Here are a few ideas to help you design a designer terrace.

Planning your outdoor space

To determine which shelter is right for your project, start by assessing the available surface area and the shape of your terrace. Depending on your dimensions, a standard model may not be sufficient. In this case, opt for a made-to-measure pergola that meets your requirements.

Next, consider the layout of your property. Depending on your property's exposure to the sun, the orientation of your pergola's slats will vary. The addition of side awnings may also be necessary.

Finally, consider the intended use of your terrace. Independent of the house, a freestanding structure is ideal for a relaxation or gardening area. A lean-to pergola, on the other hand, is an extension of your interior, and can house a dining or entertainment area.

Selecting top-of-the-range materials

High-quality materials are essential to give your bioclimatic terrace a refined look. More durable, they resist the elements and extend the life of your project.

As for the structure, an aluminum enclosure brings a modern, contemporary look to your home. Wood, on the other hand, is a good option for creating a warm, natural ambience.

The floor is also an essential component for a designer terrace. Stone or ceramic tiles are popular options, as they are easy to maintain. Polished concrete is also popular for its uniform, uncluttered look.

Choosing designer outdoor furniture

For your new pergola, opt for modern furniture that matches your decorating style. But aesthetics aren't the only criteria for choosing garden furniture. It needs to be comfortable and functional. You should also choose quality pieces that can withstand the vagaries of time and weather.

Short of ideas for furnishing your bioclimatic design pergola? Choose elegant sofas and armchairs to create a convivial and sophisticated relaxation area. With a sleek dining table and chairs, entertain your guests in a chic, welcoming atmosphere.

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Create a warm atmosphere with lighting

Lighting is an essential step in giving your terrace a designer touch. It creates a warm atmosphere while enhancing your aluminum pergola. What's more, LED lighting lets you enjoy your outdoor space even after the sun has set.

When installing your pergola, don't hesitate to integrate wall lights or pendant lamps. Recessed spotlights can also be used to create a relaxing atmosphere with soft light. Likewise, string lights are the perfect complement to an aluminum slatted roof.

Add color with vegetation

As well as adding color, plants add a touch of freshness to your terrace. However, it's important to choose plants that are suited to the climate where you live. Also take into account the exposure of your home, as some flowers tolerate the sun better than others.

You can grow them in designer pots or planters. These islands of greenery add texture to your living space and are a natural eye-catcher. Climbing plants can also be used to protect your terrace. This type of roofing is ideal for a charming exterior.

Add decorative elements for the finishing touch

Elegant decoration makes all the difference in giving your terrace a contemporary look. Many accessories can be installed in your garden furniture, such as cushions or rugs. You can also add works of art to enhance your living space.

An aluminum bioclimatic pergola adapts to all architectural styles and is easy to decorate. Just remember to choose a design that blends in well with your outdoor shelter. Select decorative elements in similar colors to create a harmonious ambience.

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