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Creating a dining area under your bioclimatic pergola

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Creating a dining area under your bioclimatic pergola

The pergola is a place of relaxation and absolute well-being that can also be converted into a dining area. You can thus set the table all year round, receive your guests and fully enjoy this convivial space. How to optimize the space, which elements to choose according to the configuration of your bioclimatic pergola? What furniture is ideal for spending quality time with family and friends? Follow the guide to create a warm atmosphere, conducive to meals synonymous with pleasure in any season.

The importance of furnishings for a perfect dining area

Each bioclimatic pergola is unique. Made to measure, it is in perfect harmony with your environment. The layout of a dining area can also be personalized.

Small and large spaces can be arranged differently but always with many possibilities. Breakfasts, lunches and dinners are best served with furniture chosen according to your preferences and especially adapted to your available space. The choice of furniture depends on the space offered by the pergola. The garden furniture table will be square, rectangular or even round depending on the surface. You will consider folding or stackable chairs if you have little space.

Does the size of your pergola allow for a space dedicated to the younger ones? With a small table and mini armchairs, children will be happy during organized meals, whatever the season.

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Plants and lighting to perfect the design of your pergola

Illuminating your pergola with elegance allows you to create a comfortable and warm dining area. In the evening or when the sun is shy, a garland of lights, a few candles and lanterns, or even a lamp on a stand, will bring the missing light. The moments spent around the table become more pleasant.

The perfect design of a dining area also relies on a contribution of greenery. A few touches of greenery here and there bring a decorative and fresh touch, appreciated by all. Flowering plants, potted fruit trees and even aromatic plants always look great under a pergola!

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Dare to use decorative accessories to personalize the atmosphere

Imagine the design of a dining area that reflects your image! An atmosphere associated with a bistro, a country-style setting, a particular theme (Mediterranean, One Thousand and One Nights, etc.)... The colors, shapes and materials of your various accessories will bring that personal touch to your pergola.

Depending on your theme, dare to be creative! If you have enough space, opt for a hammock, an outdoor carpet or wicker baskets in accordance with your overall decoration. Today's indoor/outdoor decorating shelves have something to satisfy all your desires.