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Key steps in choosing your future pergola - Biossun

Define your goals

Before choosing your pergola, you need to determine how you intend to use your outdoor enclosure. Do you want to create a relaxation area, enjoy alfresco meals or benefit from a shady area by the pool? Do you want it leaning against your house, or free-standing in your garden? Knowing your specific needs will help you choose the type of pergola, size and features that suit you.
Next, make an overall estimate of your budget. This will enable you to make informed choices and select options within your financial means.

Choosing a location for your pergola

Where you place your pergola depends on a number of factors. Here are the most important elements to consider:

  • The exposure of your pergola: observe the orientation of your outdoor space and determine where to position your shelter according to prevailing winds and your sunlight preferences.

  • Site topography: take into account natural features such as slopes, trees and obstacles.

  • The route to the pergola: assess the ease of access from your home for meals with friends or family, for example.

  • Privacy: consider the surrounding neighborhood and views to protect you from prying eyes.

Project feasibility study by a professional

Attentive to the success of your project, Biossun supports you with a technical study of your exterior. Our expert Biossun advisors come directly to your home to assess the scope of the work. They take into account your expectations and technical constraints. Take advantage of their expertise to answer any questions you may have about pergola installation.
Our partners then measure your surface to determine the width and height of the pergola. Depending on the dimensions, the construction work and your requirements, our certified installer will advise you on how to make your project a reality. Whether it's a standard aluminum pergola or a custom aluminum pergola, he'll give you recommendations on the model best suited to your environment.

Personalizing your pergola

There are several criteria to take into account when customizing your future pergola. First and foremost, the choice of colors and finishes allows you to harmonize your pergola with the architecture of your home. Biossun offers 350 colors for the structure and slats, plus 50 architectural shades.
The next step is to select a roof covering for your pergola. Whether you opt for a pergola with adjustable slats, manual or motorized, or a pergola with canvas, you have a wide range of options to protect you from the sun and bad weather.
Last but not least, bioclimatic pergolas can be fitted with a range of accessories to make them even more functional. For example, Biossun installs LED strips to highlight the clean lines of our pergolas. But it's also possible to add recessed sockets, sliding glass, blinds and weather sensors.
And don't hesitate to ask your certified installer for a costed quote for your equipment. He can also provide you with a 3D visualization of your pergola project.

Pergola installation

A final visit from a Biossun expert is essential before installing your pergola. He will check the final technical details. These include electrical connections, ground anchoring and rainwater drainage. Your specialist will then return on the day of delivery to install your pergola.
It takes around 48 hours to build your patio cover. This includes :

  • Preparing and assembling the structure,

  • Wiring of electrical cables,

  • Installation of the adjustable slats or canvas,

  • Installation of ancillary equipment such as side closure solutions.

Receiving the pergola

As soon as your pergola is installed, our technical expert will help you get to grips with your bioclimatic shelter. He'll explain how the slats open and close, and the various options available. He'll also give you advice on how to maintain your pergola. Finally, as soon as the technician leaves, go to the Biossun website to register your extended warranty.