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Which orientation for a lean-to bioclimatic pergola?

Which orientation for a lean-to bioclimatic pergola?

Which orientation for a bioclimatic pergola?

The lean-to bioclimatic pergola is a practical solution for shading a terrace and providing thermal comfort in the adjoining room. The orientation of your pergola depends on your needs, your wishes and how you want to use it. How do you choose the best location for a bioclimatic pergola? What orientation should you choose for a bioclimatic pergola? Find out all the answers to your questions.

Which orientation for a bioclimatic lean-to pergola?

Not sure where to install your lean-to bioclimatic pergola? Here are the advantages and disadvantages of different orientations.

Facing south

This orientation is ideal in regions with a temperate climate. Pergolas are often installed facing south in the northern hemisphere. This orientation brings warmth into your home in winter, allowing the sun to penetrate. In summer, it's the other way round: the orientation of your slats helps protect you from the heat.

Facing east or west

This orientation for a bioclimatic pergola is perfect in areas where it gets very hot in summer. Facing east or west gives you protection from the sun during the hottest hours of the day. It lets natural light into your home without raising the temperature.

Facing north

This orientation is rarely chosen, as the sun is not very present during the day in the north. If your terrace faces north, your pergola will still be useful: bioclimatic pergolas provide protection from the sun, but also from bad weather such as rain or wind. In the case of lean-to models, they shelter the front of your house.

Play with the orientation of the slats with your intelligent pergola

Bioclimatic pergolas are intelligent pergolas. This means you can change the orientation of the slats depending on sunlight conditions. Our pergolas can be controlled remotely, using your smartphone or a remote control. You can play with the orientation of the slats to get more light, shelter from the rain or protect yourself from the sun's rays. The great mobility of the adjustable slats means you can enjoy your terrace in total comfort at any time of day, whatever the season. Note that lean-to pergolas also protect the front of your house. Change their orientation to bring shade into the adjoining room or let the sun shine in. You'll not only be more comfortable, but you'll also make considerable energy savings.

Think orientation and location

The orientation of a pergola is important, but you should also make sure you choose a suitable location for your structure. Your pergola should house the area and fittings of your choice, without getting in the way when you're out and about. Make your choice according to the space you have available, the use you want to make of your pergola and the aesthetic appeal you want.

Bioclimatic lean-to pergola by BIOSSUN

Are you looking for a lean-to pergola?

As a pergola manufacturer, Biossun offers designer lean-to pergolas based on bioclimatic principles and using materials that are not harmful to either the environment or people.

The bioclimatic pergola: an innovative concept with an impeccable production process

The Biossun bioclimatic pergola concept is a perfect response to current ecological issues. And while innovation and respect for the environment are at the heart of the production process, the Biossun lean-to pergola also benefits from impeccable manufacturing quality.

Biossun bioclimatic lean-to pergola: a solution with multiple advantages

The ideal alternative to a conservatory or outdoor awning, a lean-to bioclimatic pergola offers a host of benefits:
An unprecedented additional living space combining technology, comfort and respect for the environment.
Biossun pergolas rotate through 175° and have three different positions: fully open, against the sun and fully closed.
Biossun pergolas are controlled electronically. In particular, it's possible to operate the sunshades independently depending on the weather, thanks to a rain and wind sensor.
Now you know which orientation to choose for a lean-to bioclimatic pergola. As you can see, it all depends on your needs, the climate and the space you have available. Are you afraid you won't be able to orientate your pergola properly? Ask our technicians for advice on installing your pergola in the right direction, depending on the exposure of your terrace. Our advisors will help you choose your outdoor structure and install it. Don't hesitate to contact us for a personalised quote or information tailored to your project. You can also choose your pergola model directly from our catalogue and fill in our form, while you wait for us to call you back. Find out more about our advice and products: