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How long does a pergola last? - Biossun

How long does a pergola last? - Biossun

The lifespan of a pergola varies according to the material used for the structure, the range of pergolas you choose and the care you give to your outdoor installation. How long can you expect a pergola to last? What factors affect its lifespan? How do you maintain a pergola? How can you prolong its life? Biossun tells you all about it in this comprehensive dossier.

Life span of a pergola

The lifespan of a pergola varies between 5 and 20 years. The difference between the two is considerable, and depends on a number of factors. Aluminum pergolas are the most durable. They can last up to 30 years, if you select a quality model.

What factors affect the lifespan of a pergola?

Pergolas vary in durability. It's important to choose your pergola according to certain parameters. The following factors affect the longevity of a pergola:

  • Choice of materials: PVC and wood pergolas are less durable than metal ones. Aluminum pergolas are the most durable: they don't rust or warp. Iron pergolas are less common, as this metal warps over time and is prone to oxidation.

  • Pergola quality: an entry-level or mid-range pergola is always less durable and resistant than a top-of-the-range pergola. Top-of-the-range pergolas are more expensive, but more profitable in the long run, as they last longer without needing to replace any parts.

  • Pergola exposure and climate: pergolas exposed to wind, sea breezes or extreme heat usually deteriorate faster than pergolas installed in temperate zones. However, if you opt for a quality structure, you'll be able to enjoy your patio for many years to come, whatever the weather.

  • Pergola configuration: models with a canvas roof are less durable than pergolas with a slatted roof. Note, however, that high-quality, UV-resistant canvas can be more durable than poor-quality slatted roofs.

  • Quality of installation: whether mounted on the facade of your home or as an island, your pergola is designed to withstand both weather and time. The quality of the installation is important: if it's well done, you'll be able to keep your pergola in your garden longer. The type of installation, however, is not expected to influence the lifespan of your pergola.

How to extend the life of a pergola?

Each pergola material has its own specific features and requires special maintenance. Wooden pergolas need to be stained regularly. PVC pergolas require no special maintenance, but it may be advisable to protect them from the sun's rays with a special treatment. Aluminum pergolas require little maintenance. There's no need to treat them for sun or weather. Your aluminum pergola withstands the ravages of the weather year after year, without ever losing its aesthetic appeal or its solidity.

As you can see, the durability of a pergola depends on many factors, including the care you give your structure. High-quality aluminum pergolas are the best solution for those who want a pergola that will stand the test of time, without requiring too much maintenance. Looking for a pergola that will last? Discover our high-quality aluminum bioclimatic pergolas. Our professional-quality pergolas are built to last. We offer a wide range of models in a variety of colors. Take a look at our online catalog, and don't hesitate to contact us for a personalized quotation tailored to your project.