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Long summer evenings: how about a look at the sky?

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Long summer evenings: how about a look at the sky?

The beautiful summer evenings are an opportunity to share an exceptional moment with family and friends: admiring the starry sky. Young and old alike enjoy looking up at the sky and seeing shooting stars, the North Star and the planets. How can you enjoy it? What are the essential accessories for a successful evening? What is the best time of the summer to do it? Discover tips and tricks to make stargazing a magical moment.

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How to make the most of the starry sky?

A beautiful summer day is ending and the sky is clear for the evening. The idea of admiring the stars has won everyone over. In your garden, on your terrace, by the pool, what a pleasure it is to be able to admire the starry sky on a summer evening! To enjoy this special moment and the beauty of the stars, the best conditions must be met. Ideally, the sky should be cloudless. Turning off the surrounding lights will limit the sources of so-called polluting light. And don't forget that it takes time to get used to the darkness.

The essential accessories for star gazing

Even though it is a beautiful summer evening, it is still dark. To enjoy your viewing time, it is recommended to dress warmly. Think of a waistcoat or fleece jacket. A blanket over your legs is often welcome. If you look at the sky with the naked eye, you can already see a lot of stars. The colour shades are fascinating. If you have a pair of binoculars, you will be delighted. A multitude of celestial elements become visible, to your great delight. To make sure you can spot the different stars and planets correctly, you can get a sky map (paper map or an app on your mobile or tablet). And remember to keep track of the cardinal points so you don't get lost!

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