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Motorised slats for pergola

How do the adjustable slats on a pergola work?

How do the adjustable slats on a pergola work?

Are you wondering how the adjustable slats on a pergola work? How do you adjust them so that you stay in the shade and are protected from the sun's rays? Find out all the answers to your questions. We'll explain which way the slats of a pergola tilt, what positions they can take and the benefits this brings you. Follow our full guide.

Which way do the adjustable slats of a pergola tilt?

The motorised adjustable slats of the bioclimatic pergola tilt counter-clockwise, which is the direction you see when you face your terrace and pergola. The direction can vary depending on the location and orientation (south, north, east, west...) you have chosen for your garden design.

How are the adjustable slats of a pergola controlled?

The bioclimatic pergola is an intelligent pergola. Its motorised slats tilt and adjust according to the weather, without you having to do a thing. For example, they can open to let in the wind without putting up too much resistance when it's blowing hard, or close or lower when the sun is shining hard. The slats of your pergola can also move to the closed position during a shower, to protect you from the rain. This technology offers great comfort to pergola users. Biossun pergolas can also be controlled remotely, using a remote control or a mobile app on your smartphone. This means you always have control over the position of your pergola's slats. Models controlled from your phone are interesting because they allow you to control your slats even when you're not at home. For example, you can close the slats in the event of a sudden downpour to protect your garden furniture.

What are the effects of bioclimatic pergola slats?

The slats of Biossun bioclimatic pergolas have a special S-shaped design. This causes the slats to shrink as air passes through, resulting in an internal suction effect. This is a unique innovation, patented by Biossun. This technology provides greater thermal comfort under the pergola. The temperature under the structure is regulated and ventilation is perfect. You can enjoy the outdoors even when it's very hot, without suffering the effects of the heat.

Motorised slats for our bioclimatic pergolas

Biossun offers mobile, motorised slats, built into your pergola in a profiled frame, that can be turned through 175° to follow the direction of the sun.
Would you like more information about our bioclimatic pergolas? On maintenance, design, installation, standards... consult our FAQ.

Why install motorised slats on a pergola?

The adjustable slats of a pergola can be opened and closed in different ways. Modern pergolas work with a motorised system, allowing the slats to be closed using a button or remote control. There are also pergolas with manually adjustable slats that use a crank to control them.
However, manual adjustment offers less flexibility in terms of the possible positions for adjusting light and shade. Nor can manual slats be fitted with weather sensors to automate the closing of the slats in the event of rain, for example.
Installing motorised slats on an aluminium pergola has a number of advantages:
Prevents damage caused by handling errors,
Ease of use, with remote control of the slats,
Automation of the slats using home automation systems (rain or wind sensors),
Protection from the sun and bad weather,
A neat, elegant design without the need for manual devices.

You've got it: you can adjust the slats on the roof of your pergola to protect you from the sun and rain. The sensors on the slats also allow them to open or retract intelligently. Now you know how a pergola's adjustable slats work. The operation of a pergola is fairly straightforward and varies from one model to another. However, Biossun offers an innovative system and practical options, so you can enjoy natural light while sheltering you from the heat and bad weather. Would you like to have a bioclimatic pergola installed against the front of your house? Or a freestanding pergola in your garden? Contact our advisers for advice and a quote.