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Led It Be


Take advantage of our exceptional offer

Beautiful evenings are a time for sharing exceptional moments with family and friends. To celebrate, Biossun is opening the doors to an exceptional night-time experience, allowing you to enjoy every evening to the full, thanks to our complimentary perimeter white LED lighting.

This special offer will run until 12 October 2023, for all orders of 1-bay custom-made aluminium bioclimatic pergola* (Bio 120 or Bio 230).

*for installation by an approved Biossun distributor in mainland France.

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Modern, high-performance lighting

Installing LEDs on your aluminium pergola offers a number of significant advantages:
Energy efficiency: LEDs are particularly energy-efficient compared with other types of light such as halogen.
Longer life: LEDs need to be replaced less frequently than conventional bulbs. This is both economical and practical, especially given the high electrical installations on a lean-to pergola.
Versatility: LEDs come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, so you can create a uniquely designed, made-to-measure terrace.
Variety of colours: LEDs come in a wide range of colours to create a personalised atmosphere under your elegantly designed bioclimatic pergola.
Controlled intensity: some LED models are equipped with dimmers so you can adjust the power of the light under your aluminium shelter.

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Strip Led lighting

To make the most of your pergola, Biossun has developed a range of powerful and effective lighting systems, easily controlled by remote control or smartphone app... So you'll always be in the light!
Specially designed to extend your evenings under your new pergola, our LED strips are easy to attach and blend in harmoniously with the aluminium structure and roof of our bioclimatic shelters.
Biossun RGB LED strips can also be used to modulate the light under your enclosure. Available in over 8 shades, you can create colour combinations to personalise and enhance your outdoor space. These LED strips elegantly highlight the contours of your made-to-measure pergola for a distinctive visual decoration for your space.
Biossun has a complete range of colour temperatures for your bioclimatic terrace. From warm white to cool white and neutral lighting, there are plenty of options to suit all tastes.
The light intensity of our LED lighting can be adjusted to suit your preferences and moods. Opt for a soft, subdued atmosphere for relaxing moments in your garden or terrace, or choose brighter lighting to liven up your festive evenings under your freestanding pergola.