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The pergola and bioclimatic architecture

How to make the most of your pergola?

A pergola is a structure that keeps your terrace or other outdoor area in the shade. Would you like to enjoy your pergola in all weathers? To be able to enjoy your structure all year round? Discover our tips for making the most of your pergola.

Our tips for making the most of your pergola

Discover our tips for making the most of your pergola, all year round and in all weathers. You'll be able to enjoy your garden and terrace regardless of the weather and seasons.

Find your ideal model

Biossun pergolas are available with canvas, glass or aluminum slat roofs. Do not hesitate to make a small comparison to choose the solution best suited to your needs. Think practical, but also aesthetic: pergolas are real decorative assets for your garden.

Opt for a bioclimatic pergola

Bioclimatic pergolas are customized solutions that adapt to your needs. They allow you to enjoy a protected outdoor space, and offer you a host of possibilities. They can be adjusted to let in maximum sunlight, provide total shelter or let a little sunlight filter through. A remote control lets you adjust the orientation of your pergola's slats. So you can adjust their position to suit your needs and enjoy your outdoors. And that's not all: bioclimatic pergolas also protect the interior of your home from the heat and rain when they're placed against the wall.

Choose the right location

Your pergola can be attached to your house or free-standing. This is referred to as a facade or island installation. Front-mounted pergolas are popular because they provide shelter for both your terrace and the room adjoining the structure. This makes it easy to move from indoors to outdoors without being exposed to direct sunlight or rain. The lean-to pergola creates an additional living space, almost a room. You can also install your pergola right in the middle of your garden, to create a cocooning space independent of your house.

Choose the right orientation

North, south, east, west... the orientation of your pergola is important. Choose it carefully to make the most of your structure (discover all our tips for choosing the right pergola orientation). That way, you'll be able to spend time under your pergola come rain, snow or shine.

Add practical options

Our smart pergolas can be fitted with a host of practical options. These include LED lighting, blinds in a range of colors, and electrical outlets.
These options enable you to create a real outdoor relaxation area, almost a living space. The more options your pergola has, the more time you'll be able to spend there without having to go inside your house. Plug in your phone, your electric barbecue, dine in subdued light, enjoy a good book, even when the sun goes down, thanks to Biossun's all-option pergolas. Our connected bioclimatic pergolas adapt to every need and every desire.

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The pergola and bioclimatic architecture

The bioclimatic concept is an approach that aims to design houses that are best adapted to their environment, taking advantage of local conditions. The aim is to achieve environmental comfort in a natural way by using the architecture as well as external energy.

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Temperature management

As mentioned earlier, bioclimatic architecture aims to make the most of the abundant and free solar energy to save energy.
In summer, it is important to protect from the sun's rays and to expel excess heat. In winter, it is essential to capture as much of the sun's energy as possible in order to keep it inside the house, but above all to diffuse it.

All activities in bioclimatic architecture are carried out with the primary aim of keeping a thermal balance between each room by diffusing or evacuating heat.
It is also essential to know that the colour of the materials is important in this type of architecture. In fact, dark colours are the most appropriate for converting light into heat and diffusing it, whereas light colours are intended to reflect it.

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Pergola, the ally of bioclimatic architecture

The pergola has become a real ally for enjoying the outdoors in complete tranquillity.
Having a bioclimatic pergola will offer you energy savings, especially if it is attached to your home.
In addition to having an outdoor space that is accessible all year round despite the weather, you will have a welcoming space that is in total harmony with your house and the environment in which you live.

What materials are used in our bioclimatic pergolas?

At Biossun, we develop solutions for terraces by designing bioclimatic pergolas that are 100% French and eco-designed. With this in mind, we use 98% primary aluminium, a totally recyclable material. Aluminium is a top-of-the-range material that gives Biossun Pergolas an excellent lifespan and a sober, modern design. Discover the other advantages:

- Very light
- Highly resistant to severe weather
- High-performance thermal conductor
- Blends in with all types of architecture
- Wide choice of colours and finishes

Glass can also be used in the design of Biossun bioclimatic pergolas, so that they can be enclosed and enjoyed all year round, whatever the weather outside. As a material that is highly resistant to strong gusts of wind, glass will not be damaged by weather or climate. What's more, it promotes thermoregulation, especially when the pergola is closed. At Biossun, we're committed to creating made-to-measure pergolas that are as close as possible to your project and your desires, thanks to our wide choice of finishes and colours. Once your bioclimatic pergola has been installed, all you have to do is fit it out and decorate it as you wish.
Now you know how to make the most of your pergola. We've also explained the advantages of the bioclimatic pergola, the perfect structure for your garden.

We've also explained the advantages of the bioclimatic pergola, the perfect structure for enjoying your outdoors in any season. Are you looking for a bioclimatic pergola that backs onto your house? Or an island model? Browse our catalogue of top-of-the-range products. Do you have any questions? Our advisors will help you every step of the way, from choosing the best structure to installing it. Make the most of your pergola by following our advice on choosing, installing and maintaining your pergola:
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