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Connected bioclimatic pergola

Control application for Biossun E-motion and Bio One pergolas

Bioclimatic pergola connected

This time the technology is integrated in a way that is as original as it is clever. Biossun equips your bioclimatic pergola with electrical outlets to make every moment spent in your outdoor space even more enjoyable.

Recessed in the posts of the structure, electrical sockets (230 V) allow you to connect your multimedia devices and many other accessories.

Connected bioclimatic pergola : Professionals and individuals

Professionals, your customers will appreciate being able to :
- charge a phone, a tablet, a computer ;
- take advantage of an auxiliary heater;
- etc.

For individuals :
- your relaxation area by the pool can become a place where you can enjoy music with a speaker connected to the mains;
- your cocooning area can be illuminated according to your wishes with mood lamps complementing the lighting of your pergola, or even be animated with audiovisual equipment;
- your terrace extension can combine all these advantages ( charge your multimedia devices, provide additional light, bring in music, etc.).

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The Bio One bioclimatic pergola: adjustable slats by zone

The Bio One bioclimatic pergola is a custom-made design that stands out because of the play of light, which you can control completely. With slats that can be adjusted by zone, let your desires speak for themselves. The sun's rays penetrate whenever you want, wherever you want, just as the shade can be managed just as easily, always at your discretion.

Connected objects surround us, providing comfort and security in many areas. Biossun continues to innovate by designing simple and practical accessories to make your outdoor space an exceptional place. For the terrace of your restaurant, the patio of your hotel as well as for the space next to your private swimming pool or the dining area of your home, take advantage of Biossun's innovations. The connected pergola? A new living space like you've always dreamed of!

Biossun bioclimatic pergola from below with shades and garden furniture
Biossun bioclimatic pergola with zone-adjustable slats
Remote control for Biossun bioclimatic pergolas

A remote control for even more comfort

Biossun attaches particular importance to the comfort and well-being of the users of its bioclimatic pergolas. For the connected pergola, you benefit from the advantages of an ergonomic and intuitive remote control with a refined design. Its functions allow you to manage the elements of the pergola. Open and close the adjustable slats by zone according to your needs, control the lighting according to your wishes, and raise and lower the blinds with ease.
No need to get up and walk around to adjust your outdoor equipment!

Remote control of your pergola with the connectivity box

An exceptional pergola means unique connected equipment. Biossun's innovation also includes remote control of all the elements that make up your outdoor space. The connectivity box is a Wifi control box designed for remote control of your pergola from your smartphone or tablet. Give yourself the luxury of creating different scenarios, programming them, selecting the intensity of the lighting, the colours, the orientation of the slats, etc.
This device can be used by several users and for one or more pergolas.

The MyBiossun app revolutionises the use of your pergola
Take control of your bioclimatic pergola at all times. The MyBiossun app gives you control over the various elements of your outdoor living space: slats, lighting, colours, blinds, etc. Simple, smart and ergonomic, this app offers remote control by Bluebooth from your tablet or smartphone. It is designed to be used by several people and for one or several pergolas.

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