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Metal pergola by BIOSSUN

Metal pergola by BIOSSUN

Regulate the temperature naturally with Biossun metal pergolas

With their motorised adjustable slats, Biossun metal pergolas allow you to regulate the temperature naturally and protect you from the heat whatever the season!

Based on the foundations of bioclimatic principles and using materials that are neither harmful to the environment nor to individuals, Biossun metal pergolas with adjustable slats are a perfect response to current environmental issues.

Each metal pergola is made to order

From the standard metal pergola to the made-to-measure pergola, Biossun has an answer for every project.
Biossun metal pergolas are designed for both private individuals wishing to have an additional living space and professionals (particularly in the catering and hotel industries).

Metal pergolas in the service of ecology

Made from 98% recyclable materials and offering natural ventilation that avoids the greenhouse effect, bioclimatic metal pergolas are perfectly in line with current consumer trends that aim to limit the impact on the environment as much as possible (HQE, BBC, etc.).