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The pleasure of enjoying the outdoors in summer by playing with light

Réalisation Pergola bioclimatique - Denens - Biossun - A StellaGroup Company

The pleasure of enjoying the outdoors in summer by playing with light

The bioclimatic pergola offers you the luxury of living 365 days a year in an outdoor space designed in your image. In summer, invite the light according to your desires. Thanks to the retractable and adjustable slats, you have total control over sunlight. Combine this with certain accessories and you're in for a real treat.

Bioclimatic pergola - Réalisation Chaponost - Biossun - A StellaGroup Company

A bioclimatic pergola for a tailor-made play of light and shade

Synonymous with unique comfort and well-being, the bioclimatic pergola allows you to create a design outdoor space according to your desires. Thanks to a patented process, Biossun has designed pergolas equipped with blades that can be retracted and oriented to the nearest degree, either independently or in zones of several blades. Play with light and shade as you wish. The made-to-measure design harmoniously enhances your environment and provides you with unequalled comfort in all seasons, particularly in summer.

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Make the most of your terrace

Summer is hot, even hotter. Whatever the summer weather, a bioclimatic pergola is an ideal refuge to enjoy the sunshine without suffering from the heat. At any time of the day, even when the sun is at its highest, shared moments are pure happiness. And this is thanks in particular to the retractable and adjustable slats that equip the pergola, and the associated accessories.

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Accessories to optimise sun control

The innovation comes to perfect these sweet moments of happiness spent in your outdoor space arranged on your terrace, in your garden or at the edge of your swimming pool. With state-of-the-art accessories, Biossun offers you the pleasure of enjoying your terrace, swimming pool or spa area, or garden corner to the full, with a custom-made pergola to match your image.

Upgrade the light with a connected pergola

Remote control

The connectivity box allows you to configure your outdoor space by controlling your pergola from your tablet or smartphone. You can program the operation of the pergola easily. The ergonomic and intuitive Biossun remote control offers the same functions such as opening and closing the slats, controlling the lighting or raising and lowering the blinds.

The Biossun application

Always at the heart of innovation, Biossun offers you control over natural light thanks to an ergonomic and intelligent application. For example, it allows you to create different light and shade scenarios.
Other accessories such as blinds let the light in according to your wishes. They also have the advantage of preserving your privacy.
And for even more comfort, sliding glass can be used to dress up your pergola and protect your plants and decorations, which contribute to the luminous atmosphere you wish to create in your outdoor space.

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