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What type of pergola should you choose for your terrace or garden?

Bioclimatic pergola with pool, light and shade from below

A lean-to pergola to cover your terrace

The major advantage of a pergola leaning against a terrace lies above all in its configuration and layout. Partly fixed to your house, the structure and roof rest on just two pillars. Unlike a freestanding model made up of four posts, a wall-mounted pergola keeps most of the ground surface. This makes it easier for you and your family to move around under the shelter. It's also easier to fit a table and chairs without the need for additional posts.
The design of the lean-to pergola also means it can be installed in small spaces. A dining area on your flat terrace or balcony is therefore perfectly feasible. The only thing you need to do before starting any work is to contact your local town hall to find out about the planning regulations in force. And if you're a co-owner, you'll need to submit your project to the General Meeting of Co-owners for approval.
Attached to your home, the lean-to pergola becomes a real extra living space. It extends your interior outwards and adds a new dimension to your terrace.

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A self-supporting pergola for your garden

The installation of an island pergola does not depend on an existing wall or structure. It is completely independent and can be placed anywhere in the garden, provided the ground is flat. Installation on soft ground such as grass also requires a concrete anchor to stabilise the structure.
The freestanding pergola can be designed in different styles and materials to match your outdoor space. In particular, it provides excellent support for beautiful climbing plants such as vines, jasmine or ivy. It is also very popular for covering an outdoor spa or jacuzzi. Enjoy a pleasant, made-to-measure corner for your moments of relaxation.
There are many solutions for covering a freestanding structure, such as adjustable slats, a green roof or a retractable cover. You'll enjoy a cool, shaded area even in the height of summer, without having to worry about excessive heat. A freestanding pergola adds value to your home and will appeal to future buyers in the event of a sale.

Bioclimatic pergola with Biossun adjustable slats and garden furniture

Why choose a bioclimatic aluminium pergola for your garden or terrace?

A durable, easy-to-maintain material

Aluminium keeps your patio roof in good condition over the long term. This top-of-the-range material has anti-corrosion properties. It won't deteriorate or rust over time. You'll have a stylish, attractive pergola for as long as you use it.
An aluminium pergola doesn't require any special treatments or expensive products for maintenance. A simple wash with soapy water 2 or 3 times a year is recommended, unless your pergola is by the sea. In this case, a complete cleaning of your aluminium enclosure is required 4 times a year to remove salt and sand residues.

A shelter against the elements

A bioclimatic pergola generally has an aluminium roof with adjustable slats. This type of roof protects your terrace or garden from the sun's rays and adverse weather conditions. Slightly open, the slats even provide natural ventilation to prevent a greenhouse effect under your shelter. Manual or motorised, the slats are easy to control using a remote control or your smartphone.

A made-to-measure, customisable space

There are a wide variety of ways to personalise your bioclimatic aluminium pergola. Sliding glass walls or side awnings can be used to completely enclose your bioclimatic terrace. These enclosure solutions are integrated into the structure and aluminium roof of your outdoor shelter. They provide complete insulation against the elements and create a stylish, functional terrace.
LED lighting is also available to brighten up your summer evenings. They're ideal for highlighting the clean lines of your new pergola.

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