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What is a self-supporting, motorised bioclimatic pergola?

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A structure independent of the house

Are you looking for a shed to convert your outdoor space? But you don't want it leaning against the front of your home? Opt for a self-supporting, motorised pergola! This island structure is completely independent and requires no wall support. Discover the main advantages of this type of pergola

Unlike a lean-to pergola, a freestanding bioclimatic pergola is designed to be installed independently. It does not need to be fixed to a pre-existing support to remain stable. The aluminium structure and roof rest on four pillars, so it can be set up freely in any outdoor space.
A freestanding pergola can be used to create a relaxing space in the heart of your garden or beside your swimming pool. Set apart from your home, this freestanding shelter lets you give free rein to your imagination when it comes to decorating it. You can add decorative elements, climbing plants or outdoor furniture, without worrying about the architectural style of your home.
The self-supporting pergola does, however, require level ground for its construction. Sloping or uneven ground can cause structural imbalances and compromise the strength of your aluminium pergola. Flat ground is essential to ensure that the posts are aligned and that your bioclimatic terrace is securely anchored.

Shelter from the heat and bad weather

The installation of a free-standing and motorised bioclimatic pergola offers your garden or terrace protection from changing weather conditions. Indeed, by orientating the slats of your bioclimatic canopy, you benefit from a cool and shaded space on hot summer days. And when it rains, closing the slats will provide you with a dry and comfortable shelter for your family meal.
Like a conservatory, a free-standing pergola is also fitted with side closing solutions to ensure optimum insulation. The Biossun Zipsun awning with vertical lowering protects your patio from the setting sun. For their part, the sliding glass panels fit perfectly into the framework of the bioclimatic canopy. They are completely transparent, offer a 360° panoramic view and protect you from the prevailing winds.

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Made-to-measure design

A self-supporting, motorised pergola offers a wide range of customisation options. You can choose between different sizes and dimensions of structures to design a made-to-measure pergola to suit your plot. A wide choice of colours and finishes is generally available for an attractive, designer terrace roof.
High-tech equipment can also be fitted to create a modern, functional outdoor space. Biossun offers a range of LED lighting to extend your summer evenings. And the installation of electrical sockets means you can enjoy 220 volts at all times under your new pergola.
Want to install a pergola without drilling into the ground? Discover the Biossun ballast planter. Fixed to the posts of the structure, it can be weighted down with gravel or sand to stabilise the shelter on the ground. Modern and elegant, it is particularly popular for self-supporting pergolas installed on roof terraces.
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A motorised roof

Motorised slats make it easy to regulate the amount of light or shade under the aluminium shelter. In the event of showers, you can close the roof quickly for optimum comfort. The slats can be controlled remotely using a remote control or a mobile app, offering practical, simple management.
Motorised roofs can even be fully automated using home automation sensors. Equipped with a rain sensor, the slats close automatically if it rains. The wind sensor opens the slats slightly during a storm to prevent damage.
Biossun offers a complete range of self-supporting, fully motorised pergolas for your outdoors.