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Relaxing in peace and quiet while others swim to music...

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Relaxing in peace and quiet while others swim to music...

Bring the music into your lagoon pool while keeping your outdoor areas quiet. Everyone can find something to suit them thanks to the trendy pool accessories and the advantages of the bioclimatic pergola. It is now possible to enjoy music while swimming without disturbing your surroundings!

How to create a dreamy atmosphere?

The outdoor space can be designed according to your tastes and desires. Pond, terrace, pergola, everything is designed to make the moments of water games and relaxation exceptional. However, it is not always easy to meet everyone's expectations at the same time. Between those who want to swim to music and those who enjoy a relaxing moment under the pergola, a compromise is necessary. Trendy accessories make it possible to leave room for music only in the pool area, and to reserve softness and tranquillity for the outside of the pool. This is the way to create a dreamy atmosphere in your outdoor space!

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Enjoy the peace and quiet of your pergola

A place to eat or take a gourmet break, but also designed as a place to relax, the pergola is synonymous with tranquillity. Isolated from the music now reserved for your swimming pool, you will appreciate all its conviviality and its gentle way of life. The bioclimatic pergola is the perfect choice to make room for idleness. Made to your image, made to measure, it becomes a privileged outdoor space. Its many advantages ensure unique moments, out of time. Equipped with retractable slats, the bioclimatic pergola allows complete control of the sun's rays and ensures optimal natural ventilation. The e-MOTION pergola, bioclimatic, retractable and connected, is a real bubble of softness. From your smartphone or tablet, you can control it and define its configuration as you wish. Have you brought music into your pool with a trendy and innovative accessory? Your bioclimatic pergola will certainly add to the dream atmosphere of your outdoor space...

Bring music into your pool

Innovative accessories have been created to meet new needs. Enjoying the joys of swimming and relaxing in the pool while listening to your favourite tunes is now possible, thanks in particular to floating speakers. The ideal partner for more or less rhythmic moments according to your musical preferences, within your pool, this accessory brings music into the heart of your pool. Its main advantage is that it does not disturb those seeking peace and quiet on the pergola or terrace. An appreciable and appreciated comfort!